Gay And Lesbian Rights Essay

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Gay And Lesbian Rights

When I read the statement that said "we shouldn't devote our efforts
to promoting the rights of lesbians and gay men, since there are more
important and urgent human rights issues that deserve our attention…."
I was taken aback. As it stands now, nothing seems more important than
bringing both equality, and general acceptance, to gay and lesbian
people. Although their have been many mistakes made in the past
regarding such human rights issues as slavery, race and gender rights,
gay and lesbian rights should be pushed to the top of our list of
priorities in that gays and lesbians are the people who appear to be
facing the most discrimination and lack of ethical treatment in
today's society; nothing deserves our attention more than what appears
to be the biggest form of prejudice currently plaguing our culture -
intolerance of those living a homosexual lifestyle, also known as
homophobia. Throughout the course of this essay, the topic of
homophobia will be addressed, but more importantly, how it affects
those it puts down, as well as a recent example of homophobia and
another example of the continuing efforts to promote gay and lesbian

"Homophobia - the irrational fear or hatred of those who love and
sexually desire those of the same sex…."1 is how Suzanne Pharr
described the topic at hand, also citing it as "… a word that calls up
images of loss of freedom, verbal and physical violence, death".1 This
very problem is all too relevant in today society. Homophobia plays a
major role in causing those living a homosexual life to either their
years in fear or in danger. As it stands now, ten to twenty percent of
the population1 is hiding the fact they are gay or lesbian because of
homophobia. They are unable to live their lives based on how they
believe other people are going to treat them once they find out that
they don't live the same lifestyle as them. They believe they will be
treated differently, harassed and be given an all-round heartless
response simply based on their sexual preference. What is even more
disturbing is that in many cases this is what is happening: homophobia
leads to, as Pharr depicts it, a "… rejection of friends, threats of
loss of employment, and threats upon (his) life; and I have witnessed
far worse things happening to other lesbian and gay people: loss of
children, beatings, rape, death".1 For this reason it is crucial that
gay and lesbian rights be concentrated on as heavily as possible, even
over all others forms of rights. Despite the continuing efforts that
have been made on behalf of such organizations as GLAAD (Gay and
Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), homosexual people continue to
face prejudice every day of their lives. Just like everyone else
living sexual lives, the topic of relationship's and the...

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