Gay Civil Rights Essay

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Gay Civil Rights

There are controversies in our world today that are being solved daily, but on appears to be

unsolvable . Same-sex marriage is constantly talked about and protested, in both congress and

simple conversation. Although the Declaration of Independence states “all men are created equally”

our society begs to differ. This simply proves the United States is not able to live up the

constitution. These same-sex couples are legally not permitted to get married. State by state laws

are slowly getting passed to legalize this type of marriage with the exception of the few who refuse.

So far there are fifteen legal states. Although these states are either legal or on the way, it does not

mean the people in the states completely agree.

Being against same-sex marriage is equivalent to not believing in our natural rights in the

constitution. Our government has the power of marriage, even if the marriage takes place

somewhere other than the white house, it is only official with a marriage license issued by the state

Any restrictions on gay marriage is discrimination exactly like the discrimination against colored

people. Although America believes majority rules, the minority should also be protected.

The “Defense of Marriage Act” of 1996 which denies federal same-sex marriage has been

ruled unconstitutional. The act not only violated the 14th amendment but also couples marriage

benefits including hospital visitation during an illness, taxation and inheritance rights, access to

family health coverage, and protection in the event of divorce. These couples will receive the same

eleven thousand federal rights that straight married couples have. Supreme court decided that same-

sex couples deserve equal rights that go to every other married couple. “By seeking to displace this

protection and treating those persons as living in marriages less respected than others, the federal

statue violates the constitution.”-Anthony Kennedy (savage). Many states attempt to put

themselves in the “states rights” position due the the constitutional right to make their own

decisions. These decisions could mean banning the legalization. These state supporters are also

supporters of the Defense Act of Marriage which they are not aware, goes against states rights. The

debate on gay marriage arose when three same-sex couples filed a lawsuit in Hawaii because they

were unable to be married in the U.S. The case came to the conclusion that banning the marriage is


There are many reasons as to why people are anti-gay marriage but the most common is

religion. Majority of religions are based off of the bible in which the world starts with Adam, a

man, and Eve, a woman, who have intentions to bear children.This is the only love they believe is

acceptable therefore they look at same-sex as unnatural and a sin. They also believe that sin is in

everyone, it is alright, and will be forgiven...

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