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Gay Household Culture & The Second Sex

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Simone de Beauvoir stands as a prominent French intellectual and feminist. Her fight to expose her “second sex” theory and uncover the dejected vice of marriage illuminates in her piece, The Married Woman. Beauvoir dedicated her studies to the imbalance in gender roles clearly depicting women as a victim of marriage. Today’s society has shifted to become more accepting of Gay marriage with 55% of Americans favoring the union between same sex couples (Wall Street Journal, Legal Patchwork). Are gay couples subject to the same disconsolate marriages Beauvoir illustrates for heterosexual couples? This essay will identify if Beauvoir’s theories relate to gay marriage and if “the second sex” ...view middle of the document...

Thirteen years ago women made on average fifty thousand dollars less than the average working man, today “women earn approximately 77 cents for every dollar men earn” (Equal Opportunity & Women). Women continue to attend college at a higher rate and in higher volumes accounting for roughly 60% of all bachelor and masters degrees (Chapman). The divorce rate in the United States has continued to decline (CDC). Women are indefinitely breaking the glass ceiling allowing for the barrier of Marriage inequality to slowly dissipate and allow for equal opportunities for heterosexual couples. Can the same be said for homosexual couples, and who takes on the female role Beauvoir depicts when there are no clear gender roles?

A common misconception, prominent among heterosexuals, questions gay couples gender roles assuming one will act as the man and the other as the woman. This misconception of gay relationships stem from common family practices Beauvoir describes. In theory, the dominant male would act as the “man” in the relationship as dominance is commonly associated with superior men. Testosterone, the naturally occurring hormone in males, controls a man’s dominance, endurance, and strength. In the classification system we have created, the male with higher levels of testosterone will likely be more “manly” in various characteristics. There is no distinguished line identifying who shall play which gender role. A popular gay news and blog website writes, “People forget...

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