Gay Is The New Black In America

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As I was browsing the internet I discovered this article (McWhorter, 2013) comparing the gay community with the African American community. At first glance, I felt how can the two be compared? So, I decided to give this article a read. The purpose of the article was to bring attention to the civil rights movement of today dealing with the homosexual community’s civil rights and how it compares to the historic civil rights movements made by the African American community from 1955-1968. In my mind as an African American, my pride was not allowing me to see the comparison for what it really was. African Americans have endured a longer, more violent time frame of inequality than those of the gay community. This is how I see and feel it to be. I had to do some more research to see exactly how this era’s civil rights movement became an understudy for comparison to the civil rights movements by black Americans during the time span of 1955-1968. Us as African Americans need to support the gay civil rights movements of today because we should understand and realize the struggles we went through and help this nation become more equal. Gay is the new black in America, not all aspects of the two relate such as the level of violence endured by the African Americans as they fought to obtain equal rights but the fight to be seen equal is the same.
The growth that the African American community has accomplished is a historic one that the gay community wishes to achieve as well. Although some of the racial issues still exist such as the racial dilemma that was the Travion Martin case, it is not to the extremes that they once were. Offensive to compare the two in some African American’s eyes but in my eyes I am intrigued to read about the similarities between homosexuals and black Americans. Not all black people understand what some in the gay community means when saying that gay is the new black. This isn’t a battle over political theory or jostling over who’s been more oppressed, it’s good old-fashioned homophobia (McWhorter, 2013). It is not that black is gay; the gay community simply wants to someday achieve the same amount of growth and support in America as any other race or gender. I feel as though they ultimately will get the rights they are asking for. The support for homosexual equality in America is already here. There are a pretty good amount of celebrities who support homosexual equality but Ellen DeGeneres takes the cake. She understands the challenges gays face in society. As a lesbian she struggled to come out of the closet because she was an upcoming comedian/actress in a nation that was not ready to accept homosexuals. After announcing that she was a lesbian and gay supporter her career took off. Now, she has her own daytime talk show, has hosted the Emmy Awards and the Oscars, has been a judge on American Idol, and is even a spokeswoman for companies like J.C. Penney and CoverGirl (Neary, 2013). This is the type of stand we took as African...

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