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Gay Marriage Essay

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“We're a pair-bonding species, and we have a deep need at the species level to love and be loved by another and a need to pass on a part of ourselves to the next generation” (Masci 1). As long as humans have lived, they have paired up in order to reproduce. It has been the way of life even before government or religion. Should the natural order of a species be changed? That is the question circulating the United States. Gay marriage will have an effect on the country, and the people need to decide whether it will be a positive or negative outcome. “When you talk about redefining marriage, you're really talking about an overthrow of this natural order or natural law, because marriage is ...view middle of the document...

Children are the future of the world, so it is imperative they are raised in the best environment possible. The best environment for children is living with a mother and a father. Obviously, it is an unrealistic goal to have every child be looked after by their mother and father, as there are many single mothers and single fathers in today’s society. Unfortunate events happen which cause children to be separated from one or both of their parents, such as death, divorce, along with many other complications. However, these occasions do not intentionally cause children to be reared without a mother or a father. Legalizing gay marriage would cause society to accept raising children without a mother or a child. While homosexual couples can foster a child in need, it is not the ideal situation for children. “When a baby is born, it's a good bet a mother will be nearby. Nature takes care of that. The question is whether there will be a father who stays with the mother, giving the child the great benefit of being brought up in the committed bond of his or her mom and dad” (“Will the Supreme Court end curbs on same-sex unions?” 1). No matter how hard he tries, a male cannot successfully be a nurturing mother. Humans are animals, and animals must follow their instincts in order to survive. “Motherhood isn't simply a “function”; it is intrinsic to the female sex” (Clemmit 1). Also, just as a male could not be a mother, a female cannot be a father figure. It is a gender role which a female could not achieve. Legalizing gay marriage would consciously allow children to be raised without the necessities of a nurturing mother or a father figure.
Equality is a term always associated with what people can do. It is argued if one person can get married, then the other person should be able to also. Well equality should also be associated with what people are not allowed to do. Everyone makes choices, and every choice has a consequence. Being a homosexual is a choice. Supporting evidence is the fact that two identical twins can end up with different sexual orientations. If homosexuality was genetic, this would be impossible because the two twins are genetically identical, hence the name identical twins. Homosexuality is a choice which may be influenced by nature, and with this choice comes a consequence; one cannot get married. Equality for everyone is important, including homosexuals, but legalizing gay marriage would be unfair to those who oppose it. Gay marriage advocate Evan Wolfson argues "Most Americans don't have to fully love the idea...they just have to realize that they can live with it” (qtd. in Gay Marriage Showdowns 1). Just being able to live with something is not equality. Actually, it is favoritism towards homosexual couples. Yet, Boris Dittrich, another gay marriage advocate, claims “When you talk about LGBT [Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender] rights or gay rights, people immediately think you want something special. We don't want anything...

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