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The Gay Marriage Controversy Essay

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Gay marriage has been a huge controversy in our world for a long time now. According to the Annenberg Classroom, gay marriage only started becoming legal in 2000. Although it was not legal until 2000, gay couples were getting married on television shows in the 1990’s. Sitcom Roseanne featured a gay marriage in 1995, while Friends featured a lesbian wedding in 1996. Today, it is only legal in eight states and seventeen countries. Scotland is the most recent country to legalize gay marriage in February of 2014. England and Wales legalized gay marriage in July of 2013. Yet, the United States still have states that are banning gay couples from getting married and making it legally acceptable to discriminate against gay people; legally the police and hospitals can refuse service to gay people. There are many reasons why gay marriage should be legal. One reason would be that there is supposed to be a separation of church and state. This means that our government cannot let the Bible or religious figures influence whether or not gay couples should have the right to get married. My second reason is that everyone has the same rights to equality and being treated equal. That is what the whole civil war was about. My third reason is that Jesus came to save everyone. No one person is excluded because of their race, gender, or sexual preference. My last reason is that people say being gay is a sin, but there are many things the Bible claims to be a sin, yet, many people do them on a daily basis.
A good government cannot be run based on religion. Our forefathers even supported this claim by making freedom of religion The first amendment in the Bill of Rights. That means we are free to practice any religion that we desire to practice. If we did have a religion based government it would have to be specific to one religion and that would probably be Christianity because about seventy-eight point four percent of adults in the United States are Christian. Due to this, we would start setting laws Based upon the beliefs of Christianity. Even though some of those laws might go against the other twenty-one point six percent of religions that are practiced by the United States. By doing this, it would violate the first amendment; Freedom of Religion. Now, if we did break the first amendment, and with our new Christian based government, we would probably have to break other amendments to fit around our new ways. Assuming that, with this new government, other religions will not be allowed to practice freely in the country. This, in turn, could lead to war. That would lead to a lot of people leaving our country to go to a place where they can practice their religion they way they want to and not be forced to become a Christian. That would lead to a huge drop in our economy. Basing our government around Christianity would be really bad for our country. If we base our government on Christianity, we should not let the Bible influence our laws. I am a Christian. That does not...

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