Gay Marriage In The Usa: Tides Of Change

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When Americans face the question about the definition of marriage, many of them seem to be sure of how to define it, always emphasizing in the importance of the civil union. There are many interpretations depending upon point of perspective and social identity. The commonly accepted meaning of marriage is a legally accepted relationship between a man and a woman in which they live as husband and wife. “Marriage” looks like a simple word, but it is much more complicated. This word has caused many feelings of guilt, humiliation and strife in relationships where trust has been compromised. It has contributed to so much suffering and sadness for many of them; and for others much happiness, contentment, and gratification.
There is a large group of Americans who are not included in this current definition; these people believe the same unalienable rights should be available to all citizens of this country. This is where a new concept was born: gay marriage. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the history of the LGTB(Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, and Bisexual) movement in the USA, and the different positions that oppose that movement. Also, the current trends indicate a change is coming soon for this country on the issue. There are more gay supporters standing on the side of gay couples affirming that equality is necessary in America. Opponents just claim that gay relationships are uncommitted and shallow, and because of these facts they should not have the right to marry.
As opposed to traditional marriage, gay marriage or same sex marriage could be defined as a lawful marriage between two persons of the same biological sex. This is one of the most controversial and discussed issues all around the world today. Many people around the planet are pro-gay rights, or for equal protection under the Constitution and think these unalienable rights should be approved and legally ratified. While other, non-supporters of this idea consider it anti-Christian and say it goes against God. To accept civil unions or gay-marriage between two people of the same sex would somehow diminish the value of the traditional union between a man and a woman, in their view.
First, a brief background of important legal moments in the history of gay marriage will be highlighted. "A lot of people think same-sex marriage is a relatively new issue. It's not. This is something we've been struggling in favor of for decades,” says Robin Tyler, a plaintiff in a case currently under discussion in California (Fleischer). The modern great effort to recognize the rights of the LGBT community was strengthened with the event known as the “Stonewall Riots” of 1969. The police attacked a gay bar in the city of New York, trying to intimidate them, something that was very common during this time period. Customers protested and fought the police, after being threatened and harassed and beaten, attracting a large crowd that turned into a six-day riot. This became impetus for...

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