Gay Marriage Is Good For America

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On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled that the US Constitution guarantees the right for same-sex couples to marry. Many conservative groups do NOT agree with this decision. The gay marriage debate has been simmering for as long as I can remember. The four articles I have selected give information from four different perspectives including that of liberals, conservatives, homosexuals, and orthodox Jews. With so many differing opinions, one can understand why it's been so hard for the nation to come to agree on this issue.
In an article titled "Witch Hunt in the Golden State", David N. Bass sheds light on on his opinion that same-sex marriage activists are using nonsensical methods of defending their case. According to the article, the US 9th Circuit of Appeals received a request from two homosexual couples that would force the campaigners againt gay marriage to make their private communications during the campaign available to the public. This, an attorney for the two homosexual couples believes, would make it apparent that the campaign against same sex marriage used an unfair method of invoking fear that both traditional marriage and society as a whole would collapse if gay marriage were allowed. On the other hand, attorneys for the advocates of traditional marriage believe that being forced to give out their internal communications during the Proposition 8 campaign would be an infringement on the freedom of speech and the unwritten rules of politics. The author goes on to say that gay marriage activists are being hypocritical because they too have had their share of "unfair" political campaigning methods. He states that the Proposition 8 campaign was remarkably open, and that all of their methodologies for for so-called "fear-provoking could easily be seen in information readily available to the public. He concludes with his opinion that the reason why same sex marriage advocates are taking a judicial approach to this matter is because they lack support from the majority of the country. The biggest success in their campaign has come from the courtroom, not the people's vote. Bass clearly identifies himself as an opponent of gay marriage in the article.
According to the article "Rabbis, Heterosexuals Join NJ Marriage Debate" by Geoff Mulvihill, several Orthodox Jew rabbis would identify with Bass. Although known to do all they can to avoid any run-ins with the modern world, an Orthodox Jewish Community is speaking out against gay marriage in hopes it will result in gay marriage not being allowed in their state of New Jersey. The rabbis have joined efforts with other opponents of gay marriage such as Evangelicals and Roman Catholic Bishops to everything in their power to ensure the gay marriage bill will not be passes. Their Orthodox Jewish Community consists of over 10,000 families, which clearly means bad news for same sex marriage supporters. Last year, a similar group of New York Orthodox Jews helped in the passing...

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