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Gay Marriage: Is It Beneficial Or Detrimental To Society?

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Homosexuality has existed since the beginning of time, there wasn’t an actual name for it, but surely, sexual acts between two individuals of the same sex still occurred. Homosexuality, homoeroticism, bisexuality, polygamism and even just questioning these ideas were often looked down upon. I say this because in a biblical sense, it was believed that only a man and a woman should come together. Most Christians and Jews believe that in the beginning of creation, God created Adam and Eve to multiply the earth. So going against God’s will and engaging in sexual activity with someone of the same sex was mostly looked down upon. There are people who are in no way religious who believe that homosexuality is wrong because they believe that it’s more likely to spread STD’s, some people may just had a bad experience involving a homosexual or homosexuals, and some believe that it’s goes against the “natural law”. People believe that it goes against the “natural law” because they believe that two people should be able to reproduce so that the human race can thrive. But since two men, and two women can’t reproduce with each other, it goes against that “law”.
So the real question is, is gay marriage beneficial or detrimental to society. Well, there have been studies to show that gay marriage does in fact lower divorce rates, and it promotes equality and reduces homophobia. However, gay marriage has been proven to be beneficial and detrimental to children living in same-sex households, also, many people have argued that it’s leading to giving people in polygamous, incestuous, bestial, and other nontraditional relationships the right to marry. Finally, there are many people who believe that homosexuality and gay marriage goes against the laws of nature. There are so many arguments as to whether gay marriage is either beneficial or detrimental, but the possibilities are endless and both sides’ arguments I believe are valid within this controversy.
The first legal divorce ever in America was granted on January 5th, 1643. Anne Clark, who is from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, wished to be separated from her husband, Denis Clark, who was never present in her and their children’s lives, and who was also adulterous. Denis later on admitted that he abandoned his wife for another woman, which he also had two kids with. He refused to go back to his first wife, who is why the Puritan court had no option but to grant Anne a divorce from her estranged husband, Denis.
In early America, divorces were granted only in extraordinary circumstances. It was very difficult to get a divorce due to the fact that the spouses were often left destitute, mostly the woman, because of the lack of laws regarding distribution of marital property and spousal support. That is why in most cases, the husband would flee from his wife, with all of their marital assets, to avoid being held responsible. Sometimes if the feelings are mutual, the spouses would simply live separately to avoid any...

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