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Gay Marriage Is One Way Of The Human Love.

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The rise in support for same-sex marriage over the past decade is among the largest changes in opinion on any policy issue over this time period; therefore, many countries allow same sex marriages. Marriage is very important event in all people's life, and it should consist of many people's blessing, but some people do not agree with same sex marriage. Before talk about same sex marriage, we need to define marriage. In my opinion, marriage is that two people who love each other live together and protect by the law. In other words, I think gender is not that important at the marriage. Of cause, I am not a gay. Actually, I do not like gay people that much, but I think they have a right to live with the people they love.
Some people who against same sex marriage argue that if we allow same sex marriage, there is a possiblity for break gender ratio of marrageable adult. I disagree with that. Seth Forman who is staff writer of daily news said, “Think there are too few marrageable males now?” It is right. I read some reserch, it was the gender ratio of Korea, men's rating is 51.3% and women's rating is 48.7 in Korea. The gender ratio is already different, so it doesn't matter that some people marry with some gender. Moreover, some people are not going to marry with anyone. They just want to enjoy their life alone; they do not want to be bothered by their wife, husband, or children. Then, should we need to force them to marry with someone, even they do not want to? It doesn't make sence.
Same sex marriage doesn't destroy or invade the existing value of the marriage. One of the biggest argue is that same sex marriage will destroy existing concept of the marriage and family. And there, Gary Bauer who goes the institution said, “The Vermont Legislature has taken a major step toward radically redefining our most important...

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