Gay Marriage Rights Oral: Australia Role Play

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ORALKnock KnockMarriage Celebrant: Come inGay 1 entersGay 1: Hello, how are you going?MC: Not too bad. How may I help you today?G1: I'd like to make a booking for a marriage ceremony.MC: Alright then, is your partner going to be joining us today?G1: Yes they will be. They are just parking the car.MC: Alright, would you please fill out these forms while we wait.G1: Sure thing.Knock knockMC: This must be him now, come in.Gay 2: HelloGays embraceMC: Umm, I'm sorry lays, but I think there are going to be some complications.G1: Why? Is there some kind of problem?MC: Well, yes there is. I'm actually not allowed to marry you.G2: Why not? Are you a homophobe?MC: Well actually it has nothing to do with my personal views or opinion. Under Section 46 of the Marriage Act it makes it illegal for me to marry a same sex couple.G1: Where does it say that?MC: Right here. It states: That marriage is "The voluntary union for life of ONE MAN AND ONE WOMEN to the exclusion of all others. This means that only heterosexual couples are recognised sorry.G2: What? That really is not fair for the gay community. I always thought discrimination was illegal.MC: Yes, it is unfair that two consenting adults, who love each other very much, cannot marry each other simply due to their sexual preferences. It does discriminate against the gay community. This is extremely unfair.G1: I mean seriously, who would actually care if gay couples were to wed.MC: Well actually there would be a number of groups in society who would be outraged by letting gay people to be married. Church groups would be offended as they see homosexuality as immoral and wrong. They would object strongly to the law being changed to allow gay people to marry.Family groups would also be against the idea of homosexual marriages.G2: Why's that?MC: Because they wish to preserve traditional family structures and roles. They want families to be mum, dad and two kids.G1: There has to be some groups that like the idea of gay people marrying other than the gay community?MC: Well, there are a lot of liberal thinking people in the community who believe homosexuals should be allowed to wed. Also, many people like the idea of gay marriage as it would save the government money.G2: How would it do that?MC: If gay married couples were...

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