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Gay Marriage Why It Should Be Legal, And The Arguments Against It

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Gay MarriageWhy It Should Be Legal, And The Arguments Against ItThey say that America is the land of the free; the freedom to privacy, the freedom of speech, and especially the freedom of religion. In today's society, homosexuality is everywhere you go. You can find it in books, in the media, and especially on the television. Homosexuality is quickly being the norm of today's world. Obviously there has been a much greater acceptance towards homosexuality, but the one thing that has not gained that much acceptance is gay marriage. Gay Marriage needs to be legal, for many reasons. Primarily, all people should have the same right to marriage in a society. Now, there are at least a million reasons why people would disagree with me, but only a few are going to be covered in this paper. In addition to the arguments against gay marriage, the reason "why gay marriage should be legalized" will also be covered. Just because there are two men, or even two women love each other doesn't automatically mean they can't express their love for each other by marrying each other.Firstly, denying gay couples the right to marriage is a violation of religious freedom (Rauch 12.) This is because the number one and primary reason that gay marriage is looked down upon is because that almost every major religion considers homosexuality to be a sin. But, in the Constitution (the first amendment) states quite clearly that a "person's religious views or lack thereof must be protected."Homosexuality is a very accepted lifestyle in today's society, so why should gay marriage be illegal then (Polikoff 33?) Why are homosexuals still being discriminated with something like marriage when an enormous chunk of the society accepts their lifestyle already? 50 years ago homosexuality was in no way like what it is today, although people that see homosexuality as a born behavior believe that it has always existed in the numbers that it is today (people were just ashamed or in the "closet.") I believe that homosexuality is a learned behavior that is influenced by many things including the society that the invididual lives in (Wolfson 130.) Today, there are much more homosexual people than there were, like I said, 50 years ago. Society is slowly changing people, and if society is slowly changing people, one would think it would be logical for society to agree with these changes, such as homosexuality.Actually, denying gay individuals to be married is a form of discrimination against a minority. A book, entitled "Why Marriage? : The History Shaping Today's Debate Over Gay Equality" s mentions "It is the main reason we have a Bill of Rights as well as anti-slavery and equal protection amendments. Denying marriage to a homosexual couple is no different than denying marriage to Hispanic or black couples (Author, Number.) We certainetly do not have any laws against any other types of people such as African Americans being not allowed to marry each other, why should we deny gay people...

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