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Gay N Lesbian Marriages. Essay

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Gay and lesbians should have the same rights as those of married heterosexual couples. All the gay community wants to do is have the same benefits and responsibilities like other married couple. I believe that regardless of who you want to marry no one should have the right to tell you not to. Yes it is true that it may not be moral to marry the same sex, but morals or no morals, we should always be happy with who we are and what we believe in.As of June 10, 2003, Canada legalized same-sex marriage. "Between the June 10 court ruling, 590 gay and lesbian couples had taken out marriage licenses in Toronto's city hall, out of a total of 5,500 couples receiving licenses. And more than a hundred of the gay couples were American who crossed the border to marry."The Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment guarantees that no state shall 'deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." But this clause does not help the gay community what so ever because they have to prove some type of discrimination against a party. The Defense of Marriage Act, is against the same sex marriage and also gives the right to the states to not recognize it. But this act is unconstitutional and unfair. It is discriminatory because the only way you can be able to marry is based solely on your gender. We are a country that is governed by our Constitution. And as a country we already have to worry about others view points on us, why should we also worry about what our government restricts us on?The gay and lesbian civil rights movement presses for "fairness in five major areas: employment and the work environment (including the school environment), military service, health care issues, state ballot initiatives prohibiting gay civil-rights, ordinances, and custody rights and state laws prohibiting same-sex marriage."Marriage by definition is between a man and a woman. But for many years the word marriage has been changed to soot the rights of others. Back in the day's marriage meant that the woman was the property of the man. "A wedding represented the transfer of a woman from the control of and economic dependence upon her family to domination by her husband." Also black and white people could not marry due to their skin color. Now all those reasons were change because we finally realized that we are all equal regardless of sex, color or creed.Gay and Lesbians want to marry not because of sexual behaviors but because they want to have equal rights the same way that married heterosexuals do. For example, social security benefits, making partner medical decisions, rights to be appointed guardianship if one spouse has children, rights to having duel ownership of property, and so much more. Ann Rostow, a writer of the San Francisco Bay Times, a newspaper for gays and lesbians, states "The chief economic benefits of marriage are those of security, not gain. Marriage secures parental rights, inheritance...

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