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Gay Rights Activism Essay

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The documentary "The Times of Harvey Milk" displayed Harvey addressing senior citizen rights and made a point of explaining that it was not only his concerns but it also were the people's concerns: safety ֽ parks ֽ and personal liberties ֽ to name a few. What the documentary really centered on was Harvey Milk's actions ֽ and the controversy surrounding him. It was historic that he was the first gay elected official.Milk realized that Proposition 6 was an attack on personal liberties in general and that it was not just a danger to homosexuals. People are sometimes deluded about how easy it is to have their rights taken away. Most people think that is someone else's job to protect our rights as citizens ֽ when in fact; it's their own responsibility.The documentary also spent a good amount of time on fleshing out Dan White. It is very apparent in the film just how disgusted and threatened he is by the homosexual lifestyle. But the success Harvey Milk has with using the political system to further his causes and constituents' causes is also apparent. I wonder just how far Milk could have gone if he had not been killed. Dan. White was obviously out of his league. White's speeches and views reminded me a lot of the now very common Republican "Family Values" platforms on which many of our latest presidents have run and won. It is eerie. Did Ronald Reagan steal that material from Dan White?The interviews in the documentary were very candid. The people interviewed were not squeamish about the use of normal speech ֽ (which includes profanity). One example was the reference to dog "shit" ֽ as opposed to dog poop ֽ or stool ֽ or any number of proper terminologies for dog excrement. The documentary was not about what political view the viewer should choose. I think that the manner in which the information was conveyed made the gay rights movement look reasonable and logical ֽ besides the disco queen parts. However ֽ there are a considerable number of disco queens within the documentary.In recent decades ֽ people who support gays and lesbian rights have demonstrated and worked to enhance those...

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1092 words - 5 pages , Lesbian, and Bisexual Identity. Journal of Homosexuality, 58.3 (2011): 330-354. Print. Capsuto, Steven. Alternate channels: The uncensored story of gay and lesbian images on radio and television, New York, NY: Balantine Books, 200. Print. Moscowitz, Leigh. The Battle over Marriage: Gay Rights Activism through the Media. Illinois: University of Illinois Press, 2013. Print.

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