Gay Rights Persuasive Essay

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Persuasive Essay - Gay RightsIn 2008, gay marriage was legalised in the state of California for 142 days, before being voted out agin. During this time, 18,000 day and lesbian couples married. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here today to argue that all couples should be allowed to marry, despite their sexual preference. The first point I would like to raise is that marriages in general are extremely expensive. They give a massive boost to the economy of the areas effected. Now imagine that, say, 100,000 people who had not previously been permitted to marry in their area, married. This would be a huge boost to the economy of local businesses and churches, all benefitting the community at large.But now I would like to go into the origins of the illegality of gay marriages. No matter what you may argue, it does all fall back to religion in some way. It is said in the Bible that a man shall not "lay" with another man. This horribly outdated, vile view on homosexuality has somehow made it's way into modern politics, something that should have absolutely nothing to do with religion. Which is odd, considering one in every ten people in the world are gay. This means that at least 700,000,000 people on this planet are homosexual, 700,000,000 people who are ridiculed for loving who they love, 700,000,000 people who cannot marry simply because people who have nothing to do with them say so? Seems rather oppressive to me.Speaking of oppression, it seems silly now to be racist, or...

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2117 words - 8 pages Representation of homosexuals in the mediaFor this essay I have chose the theme of the representation of homosexuality in the media. I have chosen this subject because I find it very interesting and there are many different examples of how this happens in the media.Will and Grace is an American television sitcom about a heterosexual woman who lives with a homosexual guy. They also have a friend called Jack ho is also gay. Jack is very extravert

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1107 words - 5 pages Does gay marriage threaten the American way of life? Americans are divided on the issue of gay marriage by half saying that having it banned is unconstitutional, or the other half stating that it’s a mockery of heterosexual marriage. The controversy over gay marriage is decided on by the people based on whether they believe in fundamental rights or homophobic prejudice, which unfortunately leaves America divided as long as politicians use this

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563 words - 2 pages The essay, “Evan’s Two Moms”, was written by Anna Quindlen and published in The New York Times and the 2004 edition of Good Reasons with Contemporary Arguments. Also, this essay takes a liberal point of view concerning gay marriage and the ability to raise a child in a gay family. Throughout Quindlen’s essay, her structure introduces ethos, pathos and logos through a variety of court cases to gain the readers trust; she appeals to both emotion

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1012 words - 4 pages ; 2005 - 2014, Good English Essay Writing (formerly known as Good English Essays). All Rights Reserved. Do not copy. Link to the post if you find it useful.Subscribe in a readerSubmit Your Essays to be Featured on This BlogHow to Write an Essay?Step by Step Essay Writing GuideChoose Your Preferable Essay TopicBrainstorm Ideas for Your EssayOrganize and Outline Your EssayWrite Introduction, Body and ConclusionProofread and Final Edit Your EssayHow to

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1551 words - 7 pages ” (Gay “Marriage”: Societal Suicide 577). His claims make more sense than Pollitt’s because he stated the legal issues and how people are against it. If it’s legalized like in Massachusetts then it would bring trouble to society because birth rates would drop tremendously. The essay “What's wrong with Gay Marriage?” asserts that there should be a firm line between religious beliefs and spiritual union. The author mentions that religion doesn’t

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2016 words - 8 pages - intolerance of those living a homosexual lifestyle, also known as homophobia. Throughout the course of this essay, the topic of homophobia will be addressed, but more importantly, how it affects those it puts down, as well as a recent example of homophobia and another example of the continuing efforts to promote gay and lesbian rights. "Homophobia - the irrational fear or hatred of those who love and sexually

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2269 words - 10 pages derived from marriage licenses and marriage penalty. Recognition and legalization of gay marriages would earn $142 million to New York City and $184 million to New York State according to New York City’s Comptroller. In general, most arguments coined by proponents are centered on the ethics and civil rights regarding same sex marriages. However, Cahill claims, “The influx of marriages has created vast economic activities which can be beneficial to the

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1780 words - 8 pages Reflective Essay My portfolio absolutely reflects my understanding of persuasive writing. Persuasive writing is the ability to use certain word choices in order to convince an audience to agree, or a least grasp, the topic that is being written about. My portfolio represents the goals and objectives of persuasive writing. The essays I have written for this course demonstrate that I have certainly developed my critical thinking skills, and also


1247 words - 5 pages police officers treat them as criminals all because of their sexual preference.One of the most obvious ways homosexuals are marginalized is through marriage. They are deprived of the right to marry in many states and many are still against it. According to, "Unfortunately, many citizens that enjoy all of the rights afforded by the U.S. Constitution, also forget about gay rights when they try to preserve the "sanctity of marriage

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1280 words - 5 pages RD of Synthesis Essay “’til Death Do Us Part?” How many people do you know with a girlfriend or boyfriend? Or that are married? I’m sure it’s a countless amount. But how many of those couples are same-sex couples? There are many same-sex couples across the world; however, many of those couples are facing a huge dilemma, not being able to get married. Gay marriage is banned in most areas of the world. This is an ethical issue that is these

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1309 words - 5 pages is even proven that many great ancient philosophers such as, Aristotle, Socrates and Plato took place in homosexual behavior and even ancient “superstars” with a huge influence could not generalize homosexuality in the ancient world. The oppression continued unmatched until the first gay rights organization was started in German. The gay rights movement spread to other countries, including the United States. The Society for Human Rights was

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2490 words - 10 pages her it was all right to ride in the front of the bus. It’s never, ever, the ‘right’ time for change” (Breslau 40). Many support Newsom in his decision, but others still see the issue of gay marriage as a “very, very shocking issue” (40). Judy Dlugacz addresses the issue of equal marriage in her persuasive essay entitled “Same-sex marriage: Time to end the bigotry” (Dlugacz, 2015). Dlugacz is a devout Catholic who has spent her

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