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Americans' Acceptance Of Homosexuality Essay

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In today’s society the general public has slowly became more accepting of homosexuality over the passing years, however it still remains an extremely controversial subject for a large majority. Different people have formulated their own opinions on whether or not this particular lifestyle is right or wrong. Some of these opinions are backed by generations upon generations of traditional views and religious beliefs which can be particularly arduous to break away from. How strongly people feel about these opinions, begs the question what if contrary to popular belief, homosexuality was beyond a person’s control; what if being a homosexual was determined solely on genetics rather than being culturally induced, would people still as judgmental towards them and their way of life?
With the scientific ability this country has today, there are several forms of evidence that can support the theory that homosexuality is in some way genetic. Evidence coming from many different twin and adoption studies show that sexual preference has a genetic component. In 1993 a study was published in the journal, Science, which showed that families with two or more homosexual brothers and or sisters were more likely to have specific genetic markers on a section of the X chromosome, which is known as Xq28. Dr. Michael Bailey, a scientist at Northwestern University, also did a similar study discovering the same results. Bailey conducted a study with four hundred sets of twins, and he also discovered that they gay men and women shared the genetic marker- Xq28. Following his results, Dr. Bailey stated, “Sexual orientation has nothing to do with choice. Our findings suggest there may be genes at play – we found evidence for two sets that affect whether a man is gay or straight.” With the release of this newfound scientific knowledge it led media headlines to bring about the possible existence of a gay gene.
Within the last few years, a Canadian scientist by the name of Dr. Dean Harmer, found that the more older male siblings a man has, the greater chance that man has of being gay. He discovered that the immune response fabricated by a pregnant mother increases with each son, which therefore increases the chances of producing more feminine traits in the developing brain of the fetus, leading Dr. Homer to the notion that with each older brother, it raises the odds by one third that each son could be homosexual. According to an article in the June 2007 issue of Discover magazine, William Reiner, a psychologist at the University of Oklahoma, was inspired by the results found in the study of Dr. Dean Harmer and conducted a study on his own with a group of people that were surgically shifted from boys to girls. In this particular case study, they were all raised as girls and kept in the dark regarding their gender transferring surgery. If being homosexual was solely culturally induced these people who have always known themselves to be women, would follow the cultural binds of...

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