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Gbs: Guillain Barre Syndrome Essay

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It was the beginning of February when my grandfather was going in to receive his second knee replacement. Being his second time, we were optimistic that the surgery would go well and that he would recover without any issues. My grandfather made it through surgery and accordingly, had to stay for observation. During this time everything appeared to be normal, and knowing that my grandfather hates to be in hospitals, wouldn’t have said otherwise. When he was finally discharged, we took him home and the next day he appeared to have a stroke. The left side of his face had drooped down and he began feeling numbness and tingling on both sides of his body. We immediately rushed him to the hospital and at first it was assumed it was a stroke, but as his illness progressed it was apparent it was not. The numbness soon led to the loss of muscle control beginning at his legs and rapidly spreading up. My grandfather was able to specifically describe what he was experiencing and the doctor was able to diagnose him with Guillain- Barré syndrome.
Guillain - Barré Syndrome (GBS) considered an autoimmune disease that affects the neurological system. Research has yet to identify the direct cause of GBS but it is known to occur with immunizations, infections and in my grandfather’s case, recent surgeries. There are four subtypes of Guillain- Barré syndrome. The first is an acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (AIDP), this being the most common. In this specific type, the body’s macrophages attack the myelin sheath and axons of the peripheral nerves. This damage creates lymphocytic inflammation, demyelination and endoneurial edema. The manifestation of this subtype would include ascending paralysis, usually beginning at the end of the extremities, and loss of sensory comprehension and reflexes.
Another subtype is known as acute motor axonal neuropathy (AMAN). The pathology of this type begins with the macrophages...

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