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Gcc Countries Overview Essay

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 Qatar
Geographical Factors:
Qatar is a peninsula bordering the Arabian Gulf and Saudi Arabia. It has a strategic position between the GCC countries, this special location will facilitate the process of exporting and importing and also it will enhance the domestic tourism. Qatar’s total area is 11,586 km² and it mainly relies on oil as a natural resource which means that it has a very good wealth.
Demographical Factors:
The current population of Qatar is 2,042,444 (77.61% men and 23.89% women). The population growth rate is 4.19%. The total median age is 32.4 years (men: 33.4 years and female: 28 years). The main language is Arabic and English is also commonly used as a second language ...view middle of the document...

Also, in Qatar there is no personal tax so people there enjoy the tax-free salaries. There is only an income tax on all foreign businesses operating in Qatar.
Technological Factors:
Qatar has an interest in technology, it relies on many technological applications in its organizations and businesses. The Integrated e-Government Program is a great example for that, this program provides all the services and information that Qatari users may need.

 Oman
Geographical Factors:
Oman is located in the south-eastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula. Its coastline borders the Sea of Oman and the Arabian Sea and its location has a significant importance because of the Strait of Hormuz which considers a vital route for the transportation of crude oil and gas.
Demographical Factors:
The current population of Oman is 3,154,134, including 577,293 of non-nationals. The population growth rate is 2.06%. The total median age equals 24.7 years (male: 25.9 years and female: 23.1 years).
Economical Factors:
Oman is one of the middle-income economies, it heavily depends on the dwindling oil resources. Oman has adopted a development plan that focuses on diversification, industrialization, and privatization. Also, this plan aims to reduce the oil sector’s contribution to the GDP to 9% by 2020. This development plan will mainly enhance the workforce and encourage the domestic tourism in Oman. The real GDP growth rate was 5% and the inflation rate was 2.9% (2012 est.). Oman’s total revenue was $36.36 billion and its expenditure was $27.98 billion in 2012.
Political Factors:
The corporate tax rate in Oman is 12 %. There is no personal income tax, consumption tax or value-added tax (VAT). Also, the Omani government always gives permits for new constructions.
Technological Factors:
The technology is mainly used in Oman to facilitate the daily life. Omani people can get the government services through many modern channels such as kiosks, internet and mobile platform.

 Kuwait

Geographical Factors:
Kuwait is located at the north-east of the Arabian Peninsula, in the far north of the Arabian Gulf. Its total area equals 17,818 km2.
Demographical Factors:
The current population in Kuwait is 2,695,316 and the growth rate was 1.79% in 2013. The total median age is 28.8 years (male: 30 years and female: 26.6 years).
Economical Factors:
Although that Kuwait is geographically small but it is a really wealthy. Its GDP growth rate in 2013 reached 4.5% and it is expected to increase to 5% in 2014. The inflation rate in 2013 was 2.9% and the unemployment rate in was 2.2% in 2004. In 2012 the country’s revenue was $115.8 billion and its expenditure was $58.08 billion.
Political Factors:
The Kuwaiti government has a special system of subsidies and price monitoring in order to control the inflation rate. There is no personal income tax in Kuwait but the...

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