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Gcse English Coursework: The Crucible Essay

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GCSE English Coursework: The Crucible

The Crucible.

Arthur Miller, ‘The Crucible’ is a play based upon the events of
Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. The story is about a religiously
motivated town. The story is about a group of girls’ who are led by
Abigail, who blamed witchcraft for their troubles. Being a strict
Christian society the people of Salem believed in the girl’s stories.
In conclusion this led into 20 people being falsely accused, and hung.

The girl’s stories were easy to believe because of many reasons. Salem
town was filled in a Puritanism belief. Everything they did was for
God; they were doing God’s work. With this they believed that the
bible was the ultimate answer to any question. When something went
wrong they would automatically look into the bible and the teachings
of God and anything it said they would abbey to it.

John Proctor is accused of being a witch when he forgets his 10
commandments. He forgets to mention about not committing adultery.
Proctor replies to this by saying, “I think it may be a small fault”,
with Hale replying, “Theology, sir, is a fortress; no crack in a
fortress may be accounted small”. Because they lived in a society that
was strict and suspicious about everything because they were paranoid
with fear. Hale suggests that because has forgot to mention adultery
that Proctor doesn’t see it as a problem and will commit adultery.

The people of Salem would swiftly blame the devil as when something
bad or evil would happen. Towards the beginning of Act One we see this
when Betty falls sick and Mrs Putnam says, “I’d not call it sick; the
Devil’s touch is heavier than sick”, this shows us what a strongly
religious society Salem was at this time. This makes the girl’s
stories easy to be believed.

When Arthur Miller wrote his play during the McCarthyism period.
During McCarthyism there was a fear in the US about communism. This is
Arthur Miller got his inspiration from because both time periods had
fear of others and both are alike. Both the societies are very

The girl’s stories could easier be believed; the bible says that
children are pure innocent people. It mentions how adults should be
more like children because of their innocence. The girl’s could easily
be believed. If the society hadn’t of been religious then the stories
probably would not of been believed.

The people had religious attitudes. Because of superstition and old
grudges, people would accuse people of witchcraft for ridiculous
things. When Mrs Putman lost her babies she accused Rebecca Nurse
because she had lots of children of her own and thought she was using
witchcraft. She mentions, “You think its God’s work you should never
loss a child, her grandchild either, and I bury all but one?” This
clearly shows how jealous she was of her and led into her being hung.

Other reasons for the hangings were people’s personal differences and
grudges towards other people. Also personal...

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