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Gcse Media Studies Coursework: A Comparison Of Two Local Newspaper Articles. This Essay Compares Two Newspaper Articles Taken From Two Different Local Newspapers In England

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In this essay I will be comparing two articles taken from local newspapers in different areas. I will be looking at the techniques used in each article and their effectiveness. I will use this comparison to eventually decide which article is the more effective of the two.The two headlines from the articles are quite different. 'Inches from tragedy' is a large, bold headline written in a way that makes you want to see what the headline is talking about, as it sounds serious. 'Firemen free bathroom tot' on the other hand is quite small for a headline and only really uses one emotive word, free, making it sound like the child was imprisoned, which is worse than what actually happened. I think that 'Inches from tragedy' is the more effective of the two headlines because it grabs the readers attention and uses a lot of emotive language in such a short space to make the reader carry on reading.The language used in these articles is quite emotive in both cases. Both articles use exaggeration to tell you what they are trying to say. This is especially evident from quotes like "escaped death by inches" and "impossible for him to get out" as they are telling the truth about the events that occurred in each case, but are blatantly over-emotive to make the article more interesting. The firemen free bathroom tot article especially exagerrates the situation as it makes a toddler stuck in a bathroom sound like a major rescue attempt, whereas the other article Inches from tragedy features a very serious situation anyway. I think that both articles use emotive language very well, and that they are equally good at getting there point across through using language.Both of the articles feature one long, main interview and one shorter interview towards the end of the article. The interviews have been included in each case to give the reader an account of the events in the article from one of the people involved. This is a good idea as people who were actually involved in the events of the article will be able to give more information on what actually happened, and will probably know things that no-one else does. Having interviews also makes the reader sympathise with the people involved, especially if it is coming from one of the people mentioned in the main first paragraph of the article. The people who put together the articles must make sure that everything they include in the interviews is relevant and that they are not too long. I think that the article that uses interviews and quotes better is probably Inches from tragedy, because all the information given is relevant to and informative about what happened. I also think this because the interviews featured are not too long and leave room in the article for other information.Having a picture in an article is a good idea, because it lets the reader see exactly who was involved and let them see what effect the events of the article have had on them if at all. It can also give extra visual information to back up...

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