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As Great Expectations unfolds, Pip goes through a series of dramatic changes. He inevitably finds himself through his interactions with the other characters. Pip's coming of age shows how, no matter what happens to a person in their life, a person can not change whom they are inside. The other theme is Pip's quest for Estella's love and what he is willing to do to gain it. The story is never about the love itself. We can see this because throughout the story, Estella is only present in Pip's heart and thoughts. The actual interaction between the characters Dickens keeps at a minimum. Pip's maturation is a circular path since he matures but is still the same person within. "My fathers ...view middle of the document...

As time went by and he spent more time at the Satis House with Estella and Miss Havisham he pulled further and further away from his Sister and Joe. In doing this he also pulled away from who he was. He was attempting to change his social status through denial and education. The best example of his denial of his origin was when Joe came to visit him in London. Pip treats Joe coldly not wishing people to know that he knows Joe. Pip would like to tell himself that he did not come from a poor family and he wishes that Joe would not embarrass him. He is embarrassed by Joe believing that others will have a lowered opinion of him because of his acquaintance with a "poor man." The death of Pip's sister was more upsetting to him than he had thought it would be. When he returns home for the funeral he attempts to rebuild relations with Joe and Biddy. His previous actions, snobbish treatment of Joe and in-frequent visits, make Biddy skeptical when he pledges to visit home more often. This is the point at which Pip realizes his downfall that he has been a terrible friend. He has given up his friends to chase a vacant dream, that he is destined to marry Estella. He too experiences what it is like to be ignored, and learns how Joe and Biddy must have felt. Pip accompanies Estella wherever she goes and watches her treat her other suitors cruelly, yet he is ignored himself, merely tagging along with her. This scene is significant in Pip's life because if signifies his love for Estella and he will do anything to be with her but he receives no love in return. At this point Pip is more confused than ever before. He is lost as what to do about his desires for Estella, he can not suppress them while she shows no emotion in return to Pip. He is filled with remorse for the way he has treated Biddy and Joe, and has created a terrible situation for himself. He has pulled himself away from the life he once knew and loved, and is terrified with his new more extravagant life in which he has chosen to chase Estella. His ultimate conflict however is that he gave up his friends and family, with the belief, and deception on the part of Miss Havisham, that he is destined to be joined with Estella. Yet he is not able to gain her love. The hurting that Pip has caused and is continually causing those close to him always seems to come back at him. Pip does display a great feat of kindness when he uses his income to buy Herbert's partnership into the merchant business. This would portray a change in Pip that is certainly unexpected but shows hope for him. Pip is no longer making selfish decisions and helps Herbert in the same manner that Abel is helping him. Herbert has been a good friend to Pip and has treated him as well as anyone. This is perhaps the most obvious indication that he is beginning to change. The last meeting between Pip and Miss Havisham is another example of Pip reverting back to his original character. He once again...

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731 words - 3 pages C. Wright Mills, in a statement of the sociological perspective, suggests that the sociological imagination offers insight into the relationship between personal troubles and public issues: “… it is by means of the sociological imagination that men now hope to grasp what is going on in the world, and to understand what is happening in themselves as minute points of the intersections of biography and history within society.” Sociologist Philippe

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1234 words - 5 pages der Begriff der Macht geändert wird; Er möchte dem Leser sowohl die Bedeutung von Macht und ihr Wirken näher bringen als auch darauf aufmerksam machen, dass unser gesamtes Leben, von Geburt bis hin zu unserem Sterben, bestimmten Mächten unterworfen ist.Diese Aspekte machen des Lesen und Bearbeiten dieses Textes auch besonders für den Historiker relevant, da sich einzelne Thesen sehr gut auf andere Texte umlegen lassen.Der Text sensibilisiert über eine Kraft nachzudenken, die wohl überall wirkt und überall -egal in welchem System auch immer- gewirkt hat.

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2417 words - 10 pages if this project was done by me. I named the turtle Leonard because that was the first name that pooped into my head when I was asked if he had a name. The first thing I had to do was get the first picture done and copied, after that; it is just manipulating two or three equations to animate it. Here are the equations for the first picture:Part of Leonard Equation Type of equationTop of Shell Y1= [-1/10(X)2+2]/ (X≥ -5

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