Geezers Getting In The Way Essay

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Geezers Getting in the Way"Man, this guy is driving slowly!" and "Watch it, Grandma!" are two comments that have been said about elders when they are driving on the road. One of the most debated topics is whether or not senior citizens should have to retake a driver's test. As human beings become older, they slowly lose their ability to react quickly and their vision and hearing begin to slowly decrease. Once drivers reach a certain age, they should have to retake the driver's test because they can be harmful to other drivers.As the human body ages and gets older, it is known that the reaction times of people begin to slow down. This means that if a senior citizen was approaching an intersection and a light turned red somewhat fast, then the older citizen would have trouble reacting to the situation. This poses a threat to two groups of people. Firstly, it affects the driver who has trouble reacting to the light, and secondly, it affects the people who are around the driver with the slow reaction time. If the driver fails to stop at the stop light, then people that are coming to the same intersection are at a great risk of being involved in an accident. Another problem that a senior citizen could run into, especially in Michigan, is deer. Deer are extremely hard to see when it's dusk or dark out. If the driver's vision is altered, then deer can become a huge factor in the driving scene. Hitting a deer at 55mph can be a devastating event. Being older puts senior citizens at more risk because a lot of them are more fragile than when they were younger.Along with a decrease in the ability to react, old people are susceptible to losing their vision. If someone is driving and can't see that well, it causes a hazard for his or herself and drivers around him or her. Older folks, ages 65 and up, should be given eye exams to ensure that they can see well enough to operate a car. The vision exam would be part of the overall driving test. Vision is an essential part of driving, especially if an individual is driving in northern states like Michigan, which are temperate climates and vigorously have rain and snow. When it rains or snows, sight decreases for a driver because the elements are blurring vision when looking at the road. But if it's a senior citizen driving with impaired vision and weather is a factor, then it can become a recipe for disaster. Senior citizens don't necessarily need 20/20 vision, but they need to pass a vision test. There are too many driving situations that can be avoided if they are just seen. For example, if a senior citizen is driving through a neighborhood where kids are playing with a ball and it rolls...

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