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I have chosen to talk about precious gemstones and crystals. There are many people now and days rediscovering the many uses of gemstones and crystals. To my knowledge each, have many different uses. They can be used as adornments, for health, for healing and for spiritual practices. You have probably never even heard of stones or crystals in this fashion before. I am going to take this opportunity to tell you what I know about this fascinating world that I have grown very accustomed to. I am not a gemstone/crystal specialist but, I do know enough about this topic to give you a slight overview about this topic.
I first encountered a lovely crystal by the name of Amethyst about 4 years ago. A friend gave it to me and told me that it would help me in this period of my life. I did not really know how or why a pretty little “rock” would help me out but, I took it with gratitude and kept it in my pocket. Sometime had passed and then I came across another gemstone. When a second stone came into my life it gave me a sense to actually look it up and find out what these stones meant and why they started to pop up into my life. During this journey, I found out that gemstones and crystals have many ancient and contemporary uses. They have much history and many legends attached to them. There are also many theories of how gemstones and crystals work, hundreds of practical applications and many lists of their healing and spiritual properties.
One very important piece of information is that gemstones and crystals are grown during the cooling, formative stages of Earth’s development and so it has lead me to the conclusion that they are gifts from nature. According to physics, gemstones and crystals consist of natural balances and solid state energy fields. They also have a huge range of technological, scientific and metaphysical uses. There are also a lot of cultures around the world that have traditionally revered to using crystals and gemstones as tools for healing and spiritual purposes. These include the Chinese, Native Americans and Celtics. Gemstones have even been mentioned in the Holy Bible. In Exodus, Amethyst was one of the twelve stones jeweled in a breastplate worn by the High Priestess Aaron, brother of Moses. This purple gemstone has been claimed to protect against Intoxication, to have a sobering effect on obsession and to invigorate the intellect. Amethyst is still worn to this day by bishops in the Catholic Church. I mentioned before that crystals are used in technology. They...

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