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My whole life I have been what some people might call a loner. I’d gotten through elementary school with two best friends, both of whom had moved away by the time I was in sixth grade. When I got my class list that year, I wasn’t expecting much. I was in a class with a group of girls who had been best friends since kindergarten. I had tried being friends with them- but I never really fit in. Nobody was exactly begging to sit by me either. I was sad most days, and I didn’t even have anyone to talk to about it. When I found out that in pre-algebra we were having kids from other schools come, I was really hoping that maybe one of them could be my new best friend. Little did I know, that’s exactly what was going to happen.
On the first day that they arrived I got kind of nervous. I didn’t think any of these kids would actually want to be my friend. I didn’t look to highly of myself back then. As these kids waltzed through the door, I could feel myself shrinking in my seat. They were all pretty, and looked like happy people. I timidly sat back in my chair hoping I could just get through the year unnoticed. I did so for about a semester.
I got back from break dreading the return to school. I walked into the math room, ready to get the day over with. Instead, we got new seats. I remember waiting for Mr. Nolan to call my name, desperately hoping my new table mate wouldn’t make fun of me. I get seated to a girl named Erin Kruger. She was never very loud in class, but every so often you would see her talking to her neighbor. All I could think about was how I could impress this girl who looked like she had just about everything going for her. I envied her immediately. She wore this teal eyeliner that I wished I could wear, and she had straightened hair- another thing my mom wouldn’t let me do.
Instead of trying to break the ice like I had originally wanted, I sat down in my chair without a word. I could feel an awkward tension at our table. I’ve never really been one to make friends very easily, so I figured this would be the same as the rest of my encounters. But as she sat down, I noticed her Beatles folder. I felt a grin creep onto my face about the same time she noticed the tag on my desk with a bunch of Beatles’ songs wrapped around it. It was about that time that I thought maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t have to spend the rest of the year by myself.
Every morning I would try to say a couple things and break out of my shell a little bit. It would have been hopeless if she hadn’t been trying to get me to. Over the next month or so we realized that we both loved Glee as well as many other things. Looking back on it, I realize what a couple of weirdos we were. At one point in the year, we actually planned our own funerals. Who does that? But anyway, we eventually became best...

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