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Ethics Awareness InventoryIntroductionEthics can be defined as a philosophical study of moral values based on the concept of right and wrong. An ethical perspective could be considered as a person's individual perception of moral values, beliefs, and rules based on his or her personal view of right and wrong. The Ethics Awareness Inventory is a test devised to help individuals learn or analyze personal characteristics that reflect individual perspectives on ethics-one's ethical perspective.Through the Ethics Awareness Inventory ethical profiles can be gauged under four separate categories: 1) character, 2) obligation, 3) results, and 4) equity-also known as (CORE) to determine an individual's personal ethical perspective. The CORE categories are based on a broad characterization of one's individual ethical beliefs. The Ethics Awareness Inventory test is not an exact science but rather a general description of an individual's ethical perspective which is intended to provide insight into the individual's personal views toward ethical issues. According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory obligation is the ethical profile I am most closely aligned with, and equity was the ethical profile I was least closely aligned with. The purpose of this paper is to relay the findings of my Ethics Awareness Inventory test and convey the results.ObligationObligation can be considered as an individual's responsibility, duty, and commitment, a sort of contract either verbal or written that binds that individual to a specific course of action i.e. social obligation, political obligation, work ethic obligation and so forth. Obligation is based on an individual's perception of ethical behavior. Therefore, each person chooses, either consciously or unconsciously, which rules he or she believes are ethical and which are not. Under obligation, my ethical perspective is of a person whom places emphasis on duty or obligation to do what is morally right. I believe that ethical conduct appeals to conscience. Basically, all human beings have a natural sense of right and wrong.When put in a position to judge an individual's performance or conduct over a particular issue as ethical or unethical, I prefer to look at his or her...

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769 words - 3 pages field to set aside my own personal ethical beliefs to benefit my organization and potential customers.ReferencesUniversity of Phoenix. (2003). Ethics Awareness Inventory [Computer Software]. Retrieved March 16, 2009, from University of Phoenix, rEsource, Web Link. GEN480, Interdisciplinary Capstone Course Web site.

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1149 words - 5 pages My ethical perspective is most likely to be based on Obligation. Not only is that the category of ethical philosophy with my largest combined score, but it is far and away much greater that the next closest score. In fact, it is the only category where my score was not a negative number and therefore is infinitely greater than even the next closest category. My score in the Obligation category is twelve (Ethics Inventory Awareness 2008). It is