Gender And Age: Causes Of Social Rejection To High Functioning Autistic Student

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Temple Grandin is a biopic that shows how a young, autistic woman becomes a world famous expert in animal husbandry by overcoming limitation from her disease. In the movie, Temple is always the target of bully in school; however, some people react more aggressively than others. My second research is based on this movie will concern factors that motivate teenagers to socially reject and discriminate against autistic people at school. In this paper, I will observe the way in which gender and age change people's reactions to autistic people and cause any kind of bullying to the disabled. The present study will apply a qualitative method to analyze the words used by the bully in the film that show social rejection to autistic student. It is expected that social rejection will be affected by gender and age, and the attitude would be more positive from women and older young people.
Research Question
Research question: Do gender and age cause young people to socially reject people with high-functioning autism at school in early 20th century? The primary goal of this essay is to analyze the way in which gender and age vary young people's attitudes to high-functioning autistic people, as well as the way in which these variables lead to discrimination against autistic students. This study is relevant because knowing the connection between the variables and social rejection may avoid future autistic students being victimized at public school.
In Temple Grandin, different genders react differently to the main character, a high-functioning autistic girl. It is hypothesized that male is more aggressive and is inclined to physically bully the autistic student. Based on the assumption, I observed the insulting words use and aggressive body language from both gender when they interact with Temple Grandin, in order to determine whether gender is a factor that contribute to social rejection. Besides, age is also a likely factor. In the movie, people from high school act less sophisticatedly than those in Temple Grandin's college. I will analyze specific lines of dialogue and body language of students of different ages and explain the way in which it leads to different extent of social rejection. The more insulting or aggressive the language used is, the higher the level of social rejection. Therefore, by analyzing words and actions in the movie, this study can deduce the relation between the two variables and in-school discrimination against autistic people.
This study applies qualitative methodology in order to plug the data into the bigger picture. I watched Temple Grandin six times and recorded most offensive words used from different sex in order to understand the relationship between gender and social rejection at school. Similarly, this paper also observes certain behaviours among students who interact with Temple and analyzes why and how these decisions are made. The paper will categorize words and actions into...

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