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‘‘The family, in Ireland, as elsewhere, has been identified as ‘an important symbol of collective identity, unity and security’ (O'Connor, Emergingvoices: Women in contemprary Irish society, 1998, p. 89). It is seen by many as the ‘natural’ basis for society. Gender and class play a huge role in shaping family life for both the parents and for the children.
Gender refers to the meanings that arise of sexual classification and to the socially constructed experiences and identities that arise from assumed sexual differences. (Share, Corcoran, & Conway, 2012, p. 180). Gender gives rise to two categories; feminine and masculine which are continuously being formed, questioned and altered ...view middle of the document...

This meant that enough time was set aside for the children. But the modern lifestyle makes both the parents busy working for the family and earning to meet the needs of life. Children are often left with child minders or nannies. Lifestyles like this may affect the families in a bad way as children may grow unaffectionate to the parents. (O'Connor, Irish Children And Teenagers In A Changing World, 2008)
Homosexuality is another way that gender can establish family life. Can same sex couples be effective parents? If brought up by same sex parents will the child lack mental or emotional growth? It is a very current question that arises at the changing circumstances and practices of same sex marriages and parenting. Psychologists have answered these questions; they declare the fact that gender doesn't matter where parenting is concerned. If brought up by homesexual or hetrosexual parent children are not affected. It is not the gender of parents but the quality of parenting that is important and what counts. Same sex families are said to have a more stable and healthy relationship than mixed sex families. A common family of husband and wife struggle to move on by altering the male to female differences. But homosexual parents can understand each other very well and can live a much more stable life. Growing up in a peaceful atmosphere means that the child may mature faster (Same Sex Parents, 2005). Same sex parents state that it is not gender or sexuality that makes a family, but love. The child may experience a hard time in life as society sees same sex parenting as ‘abnormal’ or ‘wrong’. The only barrier that a child may face in a same sex family is the barriers put up by society, as our systems have decided it must be male and female. Same sex parenting forms a peaceful and healthy family and does not lack love, care, concern or comforts (Share, Corcoran, & Conway, 2012).
Class is defined as a set or category of things, having some property or attribute in common, and differentiated from others by kind, type, or quality. The class that a person belongs to shapes the family life of which they live. Your social class affects the norms and values that you possess. A social class research by Diana Kendall showed that working class is associated with single parenthood, and it is also likely that their children will become single parents. Teenage pregnancy rates have also been linked with the working class. As well as this, divorce rates have been connected with poverty, low income rates and people reliant on state benefit. These attributes will have a huge impact on the experience of family life.
According to Mc Lanahan ‘’Children who grow up in a household with only one biological parent are worse off, on average, than children who grow up with both of their biological parents, regardless of the parents’ race or educational background, regardless of whether their parents are married when the child is born and regardless of whether the resident...

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