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Gender And Culture Are An Interrelated Issue. Carl, J. D. (2012). Gender Vs. Sex: What’s The Difference?. Montessori Life: A Publication Of The A

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Gender and culture are an interrelated issue.
Gender and cultural are an interrelated issue. Many of the issues that are relevant for gender, are relevant for culture. The issue of gender identity is becoming a greater factor in today's youth. It is not only a gender issue, but a cultural issue. Youths with gender identity issues have increased risk behaviors and significantly increase health care costs. Art therapy can be a viable method of helping the client in gender identity crisis to heal. These youth can survive and become strong forces in society.
A person's gender and sex are two different issues, but this is easily misunderstood by society. Gender can be defined as a ...view middle of the document...

Connections with adults are valued, while adolescents are trying to realize their independence and identity. Without the adult connections, they are lost.
Some youth are accepting of an alternative lifestyle, while others are fraught with despair over the confusion. Many youths will turn to poor decision-making, sexual misconduct, and rebellion over this issue. The conflict of identity crisis in youths increases the strain on the healthcare system. There are increased costs higher than the average youth to due to unintentional injuries, alcohol, drug and tobacco use, sexual behavior, dietary behaviors, prevalence of obesity and asthma, behaviors that contribute to violence, and behaviors relating to attempted suicide. Sexual behavior is astoundingly higher in youths who identify as having sexual contact with both sexes as compared to youths who only had sexual contact with the opposite sex. These youths have specific health needs and are at a disproportionate risk for certain health problems and behaviors (Kann, 2011).
This is not a cultural group there is a sufficient supply of art therapists for. The issue of gender identity is one that can be dealt with in an healthy manner for the client to understand there is no set agenda and no set directives that are to influence him/her one way or the other. It is for the client to explore and reflect on what he/she needs to work on, finding his/her way to healing through safe experimentation. The client can gain self-esteem, self-awareness, and self identity. There will be mistrust and fear that the therapist has to work through, setting examples of acceptance and understanding, understand the client’s struggles with discrimination. It may be that the client does not reveal his/her true reason for being with the therapist until there is a connection built. There can also be anger and confusion if it is a situation that is forced on the client. This will take great patients for the therapist to build a bond. Other factors including the client’s life circumstances, age, sex, and spiritual beliefs (Mometrix, 2013).
Although many youths with...

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