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Gender And Movie Selection Essay

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Gender and Movie Selection


A very diverse, broad, and extensive industry is the filmmaking industry. However, the unique aspect of the industry is that it is so expansive in all of the different categories and types of movies, but yet each film is individualized. A certain characteristic of a movie may appeal to one person and not another. Such characteristics may not only appeal to an individual but to a certain group of people. Could it be that characteristics of a film appeal to either the male gender or the female gender? Is there a difference in the category of movie that a male chooses as opposed to one that a female chooses? Such questions prove to be very interesting and ponderous. Upon thinking of such questions, I decided to revolve my research paper around the two concepts of movies and gender. My hypothesis for this research paper is “In determining a movie to watch, college-age males choose action and adventure movies while females of the same age choose romance or romantic comedy movies”. I feel that this topic is very interesting because many items today are marketed towards a specific gender. This can be viewed and noticed in such items as clothing, motor vehicles, and certain hobbies. This pattern may just as well carry over into the film industry. If it does, it may be reflected by the category of movie a certain gender selects to watch. Therefore, my thesis is: By used of an observation, a survey, an interview, and a personal history, I will prove that men choose action movies and women choose romance/romantic comedy movies because each gender relates to a different characteristic found in each type of movie.

Methods and Materials:

In order to gather sufficient data relating to the category of movie that each gender selects to watch, I performed an observation, a survey, an interview, and a personal history. During the observation, I observed ten males and ten females in the video section of Giant Eagle at 7:00pm on a Friday night. All of the twenty subjects were of college age and appeared to be at the store alone. I specially looked for the type of movie each person would select. By doing this observation, I anticipated to see what people really choose. Since the subjects were unaware that I was watching them, they had no pressure to select a certain type of movie and could chose freely. In other ways of collecting data such as a survey or interview, people may be reluctant to be honest about some details. Through observation, there were no doubts if the subject was being dishonest because they freely chose the movie without even realizing I was watching them.

A second route that I chose to collect data was to administer a survey to ten college age people. Of these ten people, five of them were females and five of them were males. The survey was given to these people while they were in their college dorm...

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