Gender And Gender Roles: Oh How They Have Changed

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Society in the U.S. has evolved immensely over the past century. With this evolution there has been a redefinition of what gender and gender roles are and this redefinition has influenced a change in the common structure of families and marriages in the U.S.
Among the many social changes that have occurred in the U.S. there have been many changes for Women. Women in today’s society are more independent and have more authority than previously. Men and women have become much more equal and these changes in society had a lot to do with the World Wars. As soldiers went off to war, women took over the jobs that they left behind. Women could now support themselves independently. As divorce became ...view middle of the document...

These changes in the ideas of gender and sexuality have led to a change in family and have expanded it to include female and male, male and male, and female and female parents. This is a big change from forty years ago.
In the first half of the 1900s gender and sex were generally considered synonyms but today gender is considered different than ones sex. Gender is now socially assigned whereas sex is biologically based on the chromosomes from a person. The concept of gender being different than a person’s sex goes along with the concept of gender roles. Gender roles are the things that are expected by society for a man or woman to do. An example of a gender role for a woman is to be the primary caretaker of the children. There has been a change in the idea of the gender role for a woman within the U.S, women are now viewed as independent people and it is not improper for a woman to have a job. These changes in the concepts and definitions of gender and gender roles have led to a change in family and marriage in the U.S. There are now less nuclear families in the U.S. than other types of families. These other types of families have come to include single parent households headed by women and same-sex married couples who have adopted...

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