Gender And Human Sexuality Essay

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Gender and human sexuality has major importance in lives. This can determine whether a person is healthy or not; not only physically but mentally as well. Also, having a certain gender can change the way feelings are obtain their own character. It is about finding yourself within the gender given and personal human sexuality. Gender can determine actions made by either a male or female called it gender norms. The human sexuality could be defined as thoughts, fantasies, morals, relationship, and attitudes. This must be handled with care because every actions has its consequences affecting psychologically, social, economically, and cultural morals/values. Both gender and human sexuality may ...view middle of the document...

Gender also encompasses the psychological and sociocultural meaning added to biology. For example men are more aggressive and women are more nurturing. Therefore they are at least seven dimensions or elements of sex and two of gender. (Huffman, 2012.)
Social-learning theory of gender-role development emphasizes the power of the immediate case and behaviors seen on gender-role. It determines that girls learn to be feminine and boys learn how to be masculine. A boy who puts on his father’s tie or baseball cap wins big smiles from his parents. But what if that boy started putting on lipstick or a dress? Parents, instructors, and friends usually reward or punish behaviors according to the expectations of the boy/girl. (Huffman, 2012.)
Gender-schema theory incorporates social learning with cognition. Although the social-learning also involve thinking, gender development is primarily a passive process resulting from rewards, punishments, and observations. Processing information as a child creates internal rules governing correct gender roles for boys or girls. This leads to gender-typed behaviors like a little boy who plays with trucks and cars meanwhile a little girl plays with dolls and dishes. (Huffman, 2012.)
During the ages twelve or thirteen is when adolescents start going through puberty. Generally these changes for males are in five different stages such as: testes, scrotum, and penis are all about the size and shape as in early childhood. Stage two consists of scrotum and testes are slightly enlarging and the skin of the scrotum reddening and changing texture, but a small amount or no enlargement of the penis. In stage three the penis slightly enlarges, but primarily in length. Testes and scrotum are further enlarged as well, meaning the male may have their first ejaculation. Stage four is where the penis increases the growth, and with growth in breadth and development of glans. Testes and scrotum grow a bit more, and the skin of the scrotum darkness. The final stage is when, the genitalia achieves full adult size and shape. (Source: Marshall, Tanner, 1986) (Boyd, D. Bee, H., 2012.)
The female breast development consist of five stages such as: no change except for some elevation of the nipple. Stage two is also known as the breast stage: elevation of the breast and the nipple as a small mound. Stage three is where the breast and areola both grow and are elevated more than in before, but yet there is no separation of their contours. Stage four the areola and nipple form a secondary mound projecting above the contour of the breast. Last stage is also known as the mature stage: only the nipple projects, with the areola recessed to the general contour of the breast. (Source: Marshall, Tanner, 1986.) (Boyd, D. Bee, H. 2012.)
Different approaches can be taken to try to promote justice around sexuality and gender. Sexuality can in some circumstances be rendered less controversial if dealt with only in relation to health impacts. Particular...

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