The Effects Of Gender And Migration.

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Migration have tendency to grow, so the numbers of migrants keep increasing whit every year. Almost a half of the migrants are women. Migrations can be examined from to aspects- it promotes people developments and it can also disturb developments. Migrations for some people are only chance to fulfill their dreams and escape their lives, but for others migration can make their lives more miserable than they were before. Gender talking about migration is essential element, because it shows why people migrate and what their destinations are. The main areas from which people migrate are Africa, China, Philippines, and India. Migration can be external or internal. Everything that is around us- actions and other people that make society where we live in, can impact decision of people to migrate to other places.
Nowadays governments, NGOs and other organizations try to limit the migration, but it isn’t possible as successfully as it is expected, because the main causes of migration are rooted in the society and it is hard to uproot them. The main migration aims can be divided into two aspects- economic and social aspects. Economic aspect includes mainly problems with money and desire for better job and salary. Migration to achieve better job and salary is only chance for women to gain poverty, because then they can be economically independent from their husbands and families. For men it is easier to get better job whit better salary and better working conditions. Unfortunately for women it isn’t so easy. Mostly they get works that is connected with entertainment, manufacturing, social works or education. But not always the conditions are good. The job could be illegal, irregular, with lower incomes and with poor working conditions. But lately labor market has changed. Changing labor markets globally have increased demand for female labor. This fact has increased women migration to areas where they see demand for their work. But unfortunately it doesn’t mean that work conditions have developed.
Not only economic aspect has impact on migration, but also social aspect has essential impact on genders migration. Mainly there are four social aspects that can evoke migration. The first aspects is family reunification that mainly is the reason why women migrate, men migrate for this reason less. This aspect is common in families where on person of the couple is migrated to get job, but other person stays at home. There are cases that women and men migrate because they try to escape from their families, what is opposite of families reunification. In that cases people try to escape from violent in family. Nowadays technologies and cheap travel costs make it easier to allow frequent interactions, so the family reunification isn’t necessary. Considering this fact, migration because of this aspect is decreasing and probably will keep decreasing.
The second aspect of migration includes gender discrimination and norms. Despite the fact that nowadays society is...

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