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Gender And Society Essay

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Society and Gender
Society’s outlook on people in general changes constantly. Gender does not exist naturally but involves socialization and learned ideals and behaviors. Each individual becomes accustomed to their gender roles based upon expectations of society regarding what is and is not acceptable or proper behavior for men or women. Those within our social circle, family, friends, teachers, religious organizations, location, and even the media, all contribute to the social process of accepting one's gender role within society. Especially in today's society, both men and women are restricted in terms of their gender and how they can act physically, mentally, and emotionally without being judged or ridiculed. So, to me, that raises the question, are men more restricted than women? In some ways I believe that they are. However, I believe there are ways women are restricted just as much as men.
In terms of expressing emotions for example, men are very restricted. Men are taught that they must be strong and show no fear or sadness. Therefore, when a man happens to be sensitive and they show this emotion by crying, they are immediately judged and are presumed to be gay or weak. However, when it comes to a woman who cries all the time about everything, it is considered (anywhere from..normal to overemotional) because women are supposed to be sensitive and nurturing (hormonal) I believe that in terms of the manner in which men are restricted, it affects them more at an early age than women. Boys are given certain guidelines to follow in regards to what toys to play with and the manner in which to play with those toys. For example, it is acceptable for boys to pretend that ultimately any object is a weapon, but it is not acceptable for a boy to want to play with dolls or dress in pink without being stereotyped as a weirdo, a cultural outcast, or some people even go to the harshest extreme to call or label a guy as a homosexual. However, society sees Girls that are able to dress in blue or pink and are not harshly judged if they want to play with a G.I. Joe or a pretend gun. These girls are not judged, criticized nor looked down upon. In fact in some parts of socialization, ladies are cheered on when doing “manly” things, such as sports,weightlifting, bull riding.... etc.
As children get older however, I think that the restrictions affect women more than men. Women are restricted in terms of the activities they can participate in, the jobs that they can have and the amount of money they can make. For example women usually only make 77 cents per every dollar that a man makes and for African American or Latino women the wage gap can be much worse. Families are more likely to be provided for by the woman of the house hold than it used to be and those families who are like this are 31 % more likely to be under the poverty line because of the wage gap.
Women who enjoy playing sports or enjoy activities that involve the outdoors are sometimes labeled...

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