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Gender And Violence In Disney Movies

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Gender and Violence in Disney movies
Many of us have seen a Disney movie when we were younger. Disney movies captured our attention with their mortals and successful conclusion. The animations and music transform us into a land of magic where anything is possible if we just believe. Disney movies wrapped us in the idea that good always triumphs evil, that happy ever after exists. We have become the generation of Beauty and the Beast, The 101 Dalmatians, Dumbo and Snow White as children now have not heard of these or have watched them. Some of these movies have been recreated and released in high definition and on DVDs in the past few years, but the structure and themes of the movies stays the same. However, we never stop and thought of the undertones in Disney movies? They contain abuse, violence, dysfunctional relationships, and gender stereotypes, which is not appropriate for children. They may not understand what abuse, violence, dysfunctional relationships, alcohol or tobacco are at their ages but do we want to think it is normal. When we think that little girls watch these movies where the female characters are controlled by man or need a man to watch over them, they are not making good role models for them. Would we not want them to have a better understanding that women do not have to have a prince charming to be happy, women can be independent and have careers and yes find love but not give everything up so their prince charming has the control.
Gender stereotypes in Disney movies
We can see that throughout the making of Disney movies the gender images have not evolved to match the changes in our society now, they have stated stereotypic and similar to when Disney movies started in 1937 (Towbin et al 2003). In studies of 16 different Disney movies Towbin and others found that in out of home employment male Disney characters had diversity in their jobs which could be a chief, doctor, lawyer and more whereas only four female characters had out of home employment, which where actress, thief, sheep tender and fairy (Towbin et al 2003). When did...

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