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Mills, S. (2012). Gender Matters: Frminist Linguistic Analysis. London : Equinox.
Gender Matters is a collection of various essays on feminist linguistic texts analysis, by Sara Mills. Mills develops methods of analyzing literary and non-literary texts, in addition to conversational analysis based on a feminist approach. The author draws on data from her collection of essays gathered over the last two decades on feminism during the 1990s. The essays focus on gender issues, the representation of gender in reading, writing, and in public speaking. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of feminists’ analysis of sexism in literature and the relation between gender and politeness. The ...view middle of the document...

The author attempts to analyze some of the attributes and variables in the society such as sex variable and the gender identity characteristics. She depicts gender in queer theories in media in a critical manner that makes her work a valuable contribution to the field of gender studies. The book would assist my paper, by providing insights into the idea of gender being negotiated through discourse and performance of gender in everyday interaction, and how identity is a performativity and it is constituted by expression. Butler’s views on gender challenges the cultural norms and gender categories. Therefore, she brought a creative chaos to the people about their sexual instincts and the establishment of the marriage agency. The book lacks empirical studies, quantitative researches. However, as my research relays on the literature review and secondary materials, this book would provide my paper with a deep insight into the queer theories.
Christie, C. (2000). Gender and Language: Towards A Feminist Pragmatics . Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
Gender and language initiate an approach to the study of language use and looks into relations between the meaning and gender. Christie provides a systematic introduction to pragmatic approaches explaining the rules of social language and how pragmatics can be realized be feminist analyses of language’s nature and use in contextuality, institutional dialogue, conversation and political discourse. The author employs data gathered from theoretical framework such as gender theory, discourse analysis and linguistics in the first two sections of the book, including the introduction. Furthermore, the author depends on practical examples of literary texts such as poems, news texts and informal conversation. The book focuses on the dimension of pragmatics, essentialism of pragmatics seen to be part of feminist studies, feminist approach of language and question of power. The book will contribute to my research since it focuses on feminist analyses of language’s nature and how language through dialogue and action could challenge social norms, constructions, schism and dichotomy in language, in addition to the literary text analysis. The linguistic analysis could be used as an illuminating example to the gender dichotomy in language. Subsequently, I will use the other examples given in the book on how dichotomy is challenged through language in action. The main limitation of the book is that it does not assume any pervious exposure to feminist studies or pragmatics. Moreover, discourse’s studies could not be seen as universal if gender is not included in the analysis. Although the book gives a variety and widespread concerns of feminist research as well as feminist approaches to language use and sets of analytical tools engaged within pragmatic, it does not provide sufficient examples to challenge gender dichotomy in language through interaction, textuality and text interpretation.

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