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Gender As A Binary Construction Essay

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Sabreena Samuel. 100849072Gender as a binary constructionHave you ever been stared at? Laughed at? Mocked? Harassed nonstop? Pondered if you where male or female or maybe even both or neither? Have you ever felt different or unaccepted for reasons beyond your control? Have you ever thought of gender as the way we look and dress? Or is it about how we see ourselves? Well if anyone feels that way we have the social construction of binary gender system to blame. Which is the social system that forces all people into one of two strictly defined gender categories--Man and Woman, which in turn forms the basis for how you are educated, what jobs you can do or are expected to do, how you are expected to behave, what you are expected to wear, what gender and gender presentation should be and who you should be attracted to/ love/marry etc. (Ando et al., 2010).Binary construction does affect everyone's life and plays a significant part in stereotyping men and women as opposites. Our conception of what women and men are and what they are supposed to be is produced by the society we live in. There are many theories that suggest the development of the differences when dealing with the variations of men and women in society. Some scientists propose biological differences, citing the distinct brain structures and the hormonal differences between the sexes. Others credit society, arguing that the process of socialization begins with early infancy and produces an acculturated being within a few years.From the moment we are born, we are labeled as a sex and gender, the color pink is chosen to clothe baby girls while sky blue is given to baby boys; dolls and bake sets are given to girls while toy trucks and planes to boys. At school we are taught to form two lines, one of boys and the other for girls. We are also taught which gender/sex plays which sports and which public restroom each is to use. If, when we are born as intersexed individuals - whereby our sex is ambiguous or doesn't fit well into the standards typically used to differentiate men and women, then surgery or some other medical method is employed so that we do. (Laura Saldivia, n.d.). But researchers believe that genetics, hormones, reproductive organs, biological and environmental factors all play a role in distinguishing a person's gender identity.A person's physical gender and their sense of gender are formed at two different times in two different parts of the body. A person's gender is whether they are born male or female, but the way they identify themselves may be the opposite, which is not uncommon and has occurred since the beginning of time. In culture males are known to be the stronger, more aggressive sex, while females are the fairer, more nurturing sex. Usually, by the age of four, individuals have identified their gender identities aside from what gender they were born as physically. In this case I will therefore say that the biological factors of gender identity is nature and the...

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