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Stereotypes, in my opinion are the lazy mans justification for ignorance and bigotry. I understand that to a certain extent we have stereotypes because they are based in some fashion upon something that is common as well as a true observation, but I do not believe each human being is but a collection of stereotypes. Such as African American and poor, Caucasian and privileged, or Gay and fabulous.

I hate to see enforced stereotypes. Meaning those situations within everyday communication or interaction that forces an individual no matter their gender or gender identification to take part in, pressured into, or ridiculed for not participating in so called “gender norms”.

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Although I looked like the 1980’s version of Shirley Temple, with blond ringlets, pink cheeks and little rosebud mouth, I never enjoyed the stereotypical “girly things”. I did not like playing with babydolls, I thought playing house was fascist ( before I even knew the word ) and as a tomboy I got into several fights with my mother who insisted I wear pink frilly dresses and learn how to sew instead of going hunting and fishing with my father, which I vastly preferred to do.

As I grew up into a young woman the problem became even more difficult. I blossomed early, I looked older than my age and when boys much older than me took an interest, flirted or asked me out I became resentful and disgusted, rather than happy or excited. I mentally had not chosen my gender, it was forced upon me and I had no interest in identifying myself either sexually or as gender, and yet here I was being constantly forced into the female role and ostracized or picked on for not fitting into either one mentally.

On one hand I did enjoy some common stereotypical female activities. I enjoyed cooking, baking, I enjoy a clean home, I am a flower nut, I love flowers beyond almost anything else in the world and I look pretty good in the color pink. Although I am not comfortable in the stereotypical roles of femininity I do find the grace, delicacy, creativity, and beauty of what we view of the feminine world a wonderful and charming part of human interaction.

Unfortunately along with that delicacy also comes the...

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