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Gender Bias In Business Essay

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Anytime job performance, a promotion or effectiveness comes forth in a job evaluation, the results are supposed to consist of job performance, not gender bias. The United States suffers from a major social issue relating to gender bias and the use of sexual discrimination. Sexual discrimination is any action that directly violates any state, federal or local laws. Discrimination based upon sex is illegal and is a form of prejudice. Although prejudice is legal, stereotyping an individual based upon their sex causes a person to feel less adequate and confident about their ability.
Ten years ago a lawsuit was filed against Wal-Mart, one of the largest employers in the United States, allocating sex-bias between men and women. Men are being offered better paying positions, along with better growth opportunity and advancement within the company. If allowed to proceed with a trial the Supreme Court would be responsible in making the decision, but with two woman supreme justices agreeing with the suit being heard, it’s possible this case may see the court room.
Our society has already been formed by paradigm. Paradigm is the model of how society works and how we are socialized into individual roles (pg. 24 and 28, Sociology Now). Paradigm has caused society to stress a distribution of unequal treatment towards race, class, religion or gender. Generally society views an individual based upon their sex, if this status is not upheld the society suffers from a conflict theory. (pg. 28, Sociology Now).This directly affects women in general, but some men also suffer the consequence. Social life revolves around race and class, both are already important to society, but gender is also a contender regarding social life.
As a man or woman both individuals are held to their own values and norms, these are characterized by the individuals’ culture. Failure to act or base a foundation from norms or values results in consequences and judgment (pg. 48, Sociology Now).Which leads to stereotyping and assumptions of how an individual should behave according to gender.
Perhaps this is the reasoning behind gender socialization and the development of two different norms (pg. 161, Sociology Now). As a society we expect men to have a strong, authoritative and responsible persona. A woman is expected to be gentle, family orientated and monogamous. Since society sees a woman and a man in such comparison, it makes sense that society has adopted gender privilege into society. Gender privilege helps describe the differences between genders and how a man or woman should be treated, according to gender (pg. 162, Sociology Now).
Even in the court of law, women are treated differently based upon...

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