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Gender Bias In Processioning Happy And Sad Faces Psychology Essay

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Running Head: Gender Bias in Emotion Processing 1
Gender Bias in Emotion Processing 4
Gender Bias in the Processing of Happy and Angry Facial Expressions
Hafsa Ahmed , Hana Hussein , Elmira Bilgin , Luke Newton . Mohamed Omar
Jan 13, 2017
Birkbeck University of London
The recognition of emotion, from facial expressions , is a proficiency seen to exist in both humans and other social species. The notion that facial attributes such as identity and emotional facial recognition are not analysed by shared face-selective visual processes, but by independent pathways is still questionable. Current research examines whether there is a gender bias in the perceptual processing of emotion, focusing on happy and angry expressions using a catergoration task. Results suggest that there is small effect of gender and the emotional recognition of angry and happy expression. The significance of this effect is still questionable and requires further research to validate the role of gender in emotional processing.
keywords ; Emotion, perceptual processing , facial expression.
Gender Bias in the Processing of Happy and Angry Expression
The recognition of emotion, from facial expressions , is a proficiency seen to exist in both humans and other social species (Darwin, 1872; Grüsser, 1984). There are several neural structures contributing to the perceptual processing, of social and emotionally relevant visual stimuli like faces. The decoding of emotional signals, visual or auditory, provides important social information such as gender, identity, race etc. (Fox, et al., 2001). Therefore, given the nature of these necessary emotional cues expressive faces exert a great influence on cognition and perception (Adolphs, 2002; Young , Elliot , Feltman, & Ambady, 2013).
The notion that facial attributes such as identity and emotional facial recognition are not analysed by shared face-selective visual processes, but by independent pathways is still questionable (Fisher, Towler, & Elimer, 2015). However neurological studies in monkey’s and humans have demonstrated a dissociation between the response of facial expression and identity (Humphrey , Donnelly, & Riddoch, 1993; Bowers, Bauer, Coslett, & Heilman, 1885). This stems from the idea that because different emotions portray different adaptive functions there must be separate neural mechanisms specialised in dealing with them for instance the amygdala is seen to play a role in fear responses (Adolphs, 2002; LeDoux , 1996).
There is prominent literature focusing on supposed ‘basic’ emotions that seem to be interpreted quickly from facial expressions ; happiness, surprise, fear, anger, disgust, and sadness (Adolphs, 2002). (Ekman, 1972) illustrates that these basic emotions are associated with very explicit facial expressions that are recognised across different cultures. (Ekman, 1972)...

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