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Gender Difference In Albuminuria And Ischemic Heart Disease In Type 2 Diabetes

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The researchers were able to clearly state the purpose in the first paragraph as the "value of albuminuria in the prediction of ischemic heart disease in men and women who are living with type 2 diabetes" The researchers obtained the information from a patient who has diabetes and was admitted to "Vali Asr hospital during January 2008 to December 2010 and they were divided into two groups." (Nakhjavani, M. et al, 2012). In order to differentiate the two groups, their body mass index was measured. A total of 1852 people was used in the study, in which 926 were patient with albuminuria (known as the cases) and the other 926 patients without albuminuria (are the controlled group).
According to Nakhjavani, M. et al (2012) the significance of the problem is that Ischemic heart disease is the major cause of morbidity and mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes which is very important. The relationship between diabetes and heart disease is that when a patient with diabetes continues to have hyperglycemia it can improve the production of fatty materials in the inner part of the blood vessel walls which can reduce the blood flow and in return increasing the chance of obstruction and hardening of blood vessels also known as atherosclerosis.
The researchers states that they will examine clinical values of albuminuria to help predict the leading cause of morbidity in patients living with type 2 diabetes (Nakhjavani, M. et al, 2012).

Problem statement
The researchers clearly give the problem statement over and over again in the article by stating that various studies have considerably shown an increased in the risk of renal damage when it comes to cardiovascular risk factors in patients living with type 2 diabetes (Nakhjavani, M. et al, 2012).
There was no key research questions that was asked but the researcher stated that they "questioned whether gender influences the albuminuria-ischemic heart disease relationship in patients with type 2 diabetes" and the only variable that was mentioned in the experiment is albuminuria according to the researchers. The study was done by collecting BMI, FBS, Hemoglobin A1C; HDL-C, LDL-C, Glomerular filtration rate and non-significant according to table 1 (Nakhjavani, M. et al, 2012 p. 51-52).
It brings an awareness to clinical practice by determining the relation between albuminuria levels and the possibility of ischemic heart disease in patients with type 2 diabetes (Nakhjavani, M. et al, 2012). However, the study also help clinical practice to be able to answer question that relate to gender differences when it comes to diabetes and heart disease.
Literature review
The literature review of this article follows a logical sequence that supports prior work. For example, in previous research "male gender has been the major predictor of albuminuria in patients with type 1 diabetes and for type 2 diabetes and there are limited studies with conflicting reports" (Nakhjavani, M. et al,...

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