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In the past decade, research showed that in the process of education in some countries, girls do better than boys, this problem was called ‘a boy’s problem’. The Dutch Ministry of Education published the study which examines the boys’ and girls’ position in primary school based on previous studies (Driessen, Langen, 2013). As a matter of fact, this problem is not a new question, and there are many discussions about gender differences. An important part of the problem is that boys’ scores are far below those of girls. In all education, based on some researchers' opinions, involving spatial and mathematical reasoning, skills, boys always doing better than girls, but in the aspects of language application and writing, girls often do better than boys (Bonomo, 2010).
In the Netherlands, the gender gap is a very common topic; therefore, researchers have conducted research about the difference between boys and girls at primary school and in secondary education. The problems which are addressed in Driessen and Langen’s study is the difference between boys and girls in primary school and secondary education. Researchers analyzed the three areas, cognitive competencies, non - cognitive competencies, and school career outcomes (Driessen, Langen, 2013). Base on the three aspects, people have discussed the learning facts of boys and girls in different educations stages. It shows that boys and girls have different cognitive abilities in the primary school education, but the difference is not big. Boys can do math, English, and other studies better than girls. In contrast, girls are good at their native language and reading. In secondary education, boys are more motivate by competition than girls (Driessen, Langen, 2013). Thus, people can conclude that in both primary education and in the first phase of secondary education, the difference of cognitive abilities between sexes is not obvious. In the secondary education, boys’ non-cognitive competencies are not less than girls’. At the start of secondary education, boys need of more learning support and they overwhelmingly choose science, technology and economics or business courses, girls always opt for socially relevant courses, languages or education. The study shows there is no gender difference in pass rates (Driessen, Langen, 2013). So it can be seen that the gender difference sometimes is not so obvious in the certain aspects.
The Influence of Cerebrum Development of Gender Differences
The study shows that gender difference will influence their learning behavior and achievement, which affects children’s learning. There are still very big differences of gender issues and brain development. Researchers found that the size and development sequence in the different regions of the brain will affect the development of these gender differences; however, sex difference will affect the development of the brain, not only the perception but also the physiology. Teachers always need to use different ways of teaching...

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