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Gender Differences And Inequality Essay

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Tanaka’s paper aimed at discussing the issue of gender difference and possible inequality in the context of Japanese language under formal setting (Tanaka 2009). The objective of this essay is to find out whether Japanese language had changed over time on the aspect of different language strategies and methods adopted by different genders. Firstly, statistics of allocation of talks and times of interruptions were gathered from ten formal television interviews for both guest and host of different genders. The statistics showed a surprising result as females are reported to be more assertive and using less unfinished utterance than males. Tanaka then chose two similar programs out of the tens ...view middle of the document...

The sample size however, is relatively small. Especially for the qualitative research, with only cases from two interviews it might not reliable and persuading enough to represent the general public. It will be beneficial if more samples were collected. However with quantitative analysis this might be challenging as it will be time consuming. It is also worth noticing that, as the way one comprehend language is subject to one’s own understanding, it is possible that Tanaka’s analysis is not totally accurate. Considering both factors, it is desirable for one more researchers to join and help with the quantitative research and provide different understandings of the sample. Just as Tanaka suggested, more researches need to be done for better understanding on the topic.

Language is the product of a society’s culture and history that not only reflects the value of the society but also subconsciously shape and influence the mind of the speakers. Individuals think and analyse under the framework of language, so if gender inequality exist in a language, the attitude of it’s speaker are more or less likely to be influenced (Hall, K & Bucholtz, M 1995: 18-21). Japanese language had long been perceived as overt speaker gender based, with its complex...

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