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Gender Discrimination: Sex Bias In Hiring By Douglas M. Garber

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Jerrie Cobb is a brave woman who dreams of becoming an astronaut. She quit her job to participate in astronaut tests in order to achieve her dream. It is hard for a woman pilot to find a job in the male dominated field of aviation and, before taking the test, she was told that women were not allowed take it. With the development of society, men and women should be gradually become equal because we are in a society with laws of equality. However, in some places, women are still seen as inferior. One of the most obvious ways to prove this, is how hard it can be to find a job. Some companies prefer male employees and even though gender discrimination in hiring is illegal, businesses find ways to work around it. Both Stefan Eriksson and Michael Firth argue, “Women may get fewer firm contacts”(Eriksson, and et. all 307, Firth 891). Sometimes, they consider the gender, not the abilities. According to Garber, the author of “Sex bias in hiring”, “requirement of skills that are not evidenced in the application materials is common”(Garber, 308). This is an unfair situation that leads to the unequal status of men and women that needs to be changed. Women should get more opportunities to find a job because they possess qualities that could be beneficial to companies, such as powerful communication, organizational skills and good focus. Most women even can balance the relationship between family and work.
Some people might think that most women should be at home and do housework, or find some easy tasks because it is not possible for women to work long-hours and then take care of their home. In China, women stay at home and do housework and it is really simple. Without the permission of their husband, they cannot go out to find a job because their husbands think women should be the manager of the home, not the company. Based on the results of my survey, there are 68% people think that a lot of hiring managers disregard unmarried women when recruiting because women can potentially use vacation time for honeymoons and maternity leave. In their eyes, women are more caring about the family, not the work. In addition, some instinctive characteristics of women, like emotional, may not bring the benefits to companies. Some interviewers might think that these emotions influence the judgment of women. When they meet some problems, they could be very impulsive. It is the most terrible thing for companies. And the companies may suffer some crisis.
Moreover, hiring more women means more women have opportunities to be success. Once a woman is successful, the leaders of companies may worry about that woman would have too much ambition in the future. Everyone has ambitions and aspirations and this is a good thing. If people overly ambitious, however, they could seriously damage their career. In order to proving themselves, women may have overly ambition. They may even believe that they are invincible and believe themselves to be the most valuable worker in the workplace...

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