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Gender diversity in the hotel industry, especially reflects on the management positions and different departments. There are gender imbalances in senior management positions which leads lower proportion of female executive leadership (Groschl & Arcot,2014). Kogovsek and Kogovsek (2015) stated that it is a common believe that men are leaders in a traditional thinking way while women are not. The test about relationship between employees? gender and job position showed that the 68.5% of middle managers are man while the proportion of women in middle management has account for 31.5% (Pinar, McCuddy, Birkan & Kozak, 2011).

There are some aspects lead to this situation of low proportion happens in the hotels. Firstly, it is a big challenge for managers and staff to adapt this kind of seasonal and experience fluctuating customer demand operation model. This concept of long time requires managers some intangible and tangible attributes including ?wiliness to work long time? and ?personal sacrifice? which means they need to paying more time on the work and have negative influence to their families (Blayney, & Blotnicky, 2017). ?This work mode however insinuates sacrifices in family and personal life that make combining family life with an executive career challenging, especially for women? ( Le, 2017).Therefore, When they meet advancement, the employers may be worried about women of their work-life balance. Since working time and geography mobility are the requirements for the hospitality industry when they into the high position (Le, 2017). Different choice between men and women appears. To some certain extent, Blayney and Blotnick (2017) found that women may avoid staying at the top executive positions because of the responsibility and greater pressure between families and works when they make decisions. For example, women may prefer spending more time to accompany the family member. However, the higher responsible works may make them have limited time on their own social communications.

In addition, stereotypes to women affect the proportion of job position. Bordlo, Coffan, Gennaioi and Sheier (2016) illustrated that stereotype can be defined as a well-known and oversimplified image or idea that held by a number of people, including racial groups, political groups, gender groups, demographic groups and situations. Koenig, Eagly, Mitchell and Ristikari (2011) stated that women faced more pressure, because there were expected to have achievement only at non-leadership jobs. When they have opportunities for advancement to the manager, it may be affected by the stereotype. The reason is that women are always recognised with the keywords, vocabularies of topics including care, interpersonal valuing, mother, family and child while men are considered as the image with rational, as well as being power and control-oriented (Hoy-Petersen, Woodward & Skrbis, 2016). ?According to these gender stereotypes, men are expected to possess characteristics that...

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