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Gender Dysphoria Research Paper Florida National University Essay

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Gender Dysphoria
Beatriz Diaz
Florida National University
Gender dysphoria is a sexual identity disorder and is a psychiatric diagnosis. This is based on those people who were born with one sex but identify and feel the opposite sex. They are those people who are not happy, who disagree, or conform to the sex they were born. This is classified as sexual identity disorder, but not as a mental disorder. The causes of this disorder are still not known but the possibilities of a psychiatric disorder are ruled out.
Gender dysphoria, also known as transsexualism or transgenderism is a disorder of identity and is based on a conflict between those people who born of one gender and identified with another. For example a person who was born male but can act and is identified more as a woman, or vice versa. The cause of this disorder is not yet known, but if we have something clear, it is that genes, social factors, and upbringing play a very important part in this. Another thing I want to add and that is very important is that in each person the gender conflict is different. What some people do is that they dress in clothes and style of the opposite gender, including the shape of the hair, while others get to the point of surgery and change their genitals.
The symptoms in this disorder are quite obvious, some of them are wanting to be the opposite sex, feeling rejected, feeling isolated, dressing the opposite sex, suffering from depression, etc… In order to diagnose a person with this disorder must remain at least two years with the desire to belong to the opposite sex. For this the only treatment that we can recommend is the familiar and individual therapy, or in many cases the change of sex through a surgery, but in many cases the problems of identity can continue. But I'm pretty sure this will help a lot to feel better about yourself and lessen the anguish and depression.
A great advice that I give to every parent or person who is presenting these symptoms is that they go to a psychiatrist or a therapist. This is something that if not treated can lead to very bad consequences. Many people who suffer from this become too depressed by the rejection of people or because they simply low their self-esteem and come to unrecoverable consequences. There have been cases that have even reached the point of suicide and attempted suicide. For that reason in these cases is very good a care of a therapist. Many people sometimes criticize others for their sexual preference and do not know that they are destroying many lives, as this creates deprecion in them and they...

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