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Gender Equality: Dr. Morrison Essay

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Gender inequality affected sporting activities among high school and colleges in America in the 1970s, to an extent that the female gender were marginalized and could not freely participate in games like athletics, basketball and hockey (Houser, 2013). There even existed one sporting body, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which over saw the sporting activities at this level. This body was reported to be in opposition of the female gender sporting activities. It was not until the year 1972, when the popular title IX, was passed into law. This title read that “no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” The core theme of title IX was to eliminate discrimination in the sporting sector and to promote the status of the female gender in the same field. This title is contained in the Education Amendment Act of the year 1972, and it was meant to fill the gaps present in the title VII, which was included in the Civil Rights applied into law in the year1964 (ibid). It after the emergence of this title that brought the motivation towards the implementation of equality in the sporting sector, an idea that was pushed for by the popular Lonnie Leotus “Lee” Morrison. This essay accounts for the efforts made by Morrison in effort towards achieving gender equality in sports at high school and college level.
What she has done and what she is yet to achieve
The major achievement of Dr. Morrison is the establishment of gender equality in the sporting sector she was determined to raise the status and competition level of sporting activities in terms of gender (Coughlin, 2008). She began this during her early stages of life, where she involved herself in athletics, cycling, basketball and baseball. When she joined high school, she got herself into football, swimming and tennis. Her active participation in sporting led to her election as the president of the Women’s Athletic Association while she was still a student at Belmont College. She went ahead to earn a degree I education and a doctorate in physical education, which proved to be the major driving forces towards her push for gender equality in sports (ibid).
Morrison actively participated in two activities that brought about improvement in creating opportunities for all sports women. She was at the forefront in the interpretation of the title IX, an article which championed for equality in the sporting sector among men and women in high school and colleges of the USA. Secondly, she is recognized as the founder of, and the first president of the Virginia Confederation of the Intercollegiate Sport for College Women (VCISCW). This organisation later changed to Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW), which she was also given the title as the President (ibid).
When she joined the University of...

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