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Gender Equality In The Workforce Essay

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Women face discrimination in the workplace. Nowadays, the gender inequality is a main problem in the workplace and society. It has been proved that working women earn less than men due to discrimination of class, race, and culture. Women should have the same opportunities as men. In fact, working women tend to be poorer, unhealthier, and less secure. It is important to stop all forms of discrimination against women and girl children and create more programs to help the affected victims.
Sex discrimination includes unequal treatment toward individuals because of gender. It is also illegal for an employer to discriminate their employees. Women are frequently treated unequally at work. They ...view middle of the document...

Discrimination is a problem in society, and as every problem, it has certain consequences and solutions. Consequences include working mothers giving up on their careers, fewer income, less job experiences, poverty, unhealthiness, financial insecurities, and prostitution."Women must make sacrifices if they want a career and a family. Giving up a career entirely will bring financial insecurity and less emotional satisfaction to your life. Some women stated that you can’t have it all. It is difficult trying to balance work and family life” (Knight, 1 of 5). Giving up in a career will bring poverty because of a fewer income and less job experiences. “Women lose income, jobs, job experience, and retirement income when they decide to have children. Divorced mothers and their children have the highest-rates of poverty of any demographic” (Wenderland, 3 of 6). Statistics had demonstrated that “…working women are poorer, unhealthier, and less secure than working males. Working women tend to live financially insecure and stressful. 12% of single women are in poverty, while only 8.7% of men are in poverty too.” (Lowell, 2 of 5).
Women tend to be poorer than men. Women had been forced to take extreme measures in order to solve this problem. “Women comprise 70% of the world’s 1.3 billion absolute poor. Poverty creates imbalances in gender and sex. Poverty and gender inequality promote prostitution” (Aghatise, 1 of 6). Prostitution had included women of different ages. “Many women and young girls have no choice but to become prostitutes. When families are too poor, girls and women are forced to trade sex for much-needed money. Nation worldwide should eliminate the root causes of prostitution: poverty and gender inequality” (Aghatise, 1 of 6).
As was previously stated, women tend to be poorer than men. “Women in general are still not doing as well as men in general. Some men do resent the gains that women have made and do their best to prevent them from making more” (Fox-Genovece, 3 of 7). Furthermore, “…according to a Columbia University economist, for every dollar that a men earns today, a childless woman earns 90 cents, working mothers earn 73 cents, and single moms earn 60 cents” (Strickland, 2 of 7). Other statistics prove that “women need a college degree in order to earn what men do only with a high school diploma. Women continue to earn only about one-third of the degrees awarded and get about one-third of the jobs...

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