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Gender Equiality In Our Society Essay

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The issue of equity is crucial in these times. The past decades of political and institutional promotion of gender equality has shaped different conceptual and methodological approaches, thus raising many questions and opinions. Therefore, education and gender are intimately linked. Through learning, is not only knowledge acquired, but also attitudes, values, experiences, and reflections.
It can be understood that gender equality consists of giving each person equal opportunity, regardless of sex. Yet, implementing a policy of gender equality in schools requires cultural change which entails educating society. Children have been brought up with roles that perpetuate discrimination. In this situation, education must play a key role. In our schools, it is critical to provide an education for diversity and provide ways in which to eliminate discrimination.
Usually the female stereotype is composed of beliefs that portray women as emotional, weak, submissive, dependent, understanding, caring and sensitive to the needs of others. However, this does not mean they actually are, just that they tend to be perceived in this manner. Moreover, according to the male stereotype, men are tough, athletic, dominant, selfish, aggressive, competitive and prone to leadership. However, this is a simple widespread perception.
In the video “In the Classroom, Girls ‘Flew By’ Boys,” Thompson conveys how, in general, stereotypes affect student performance. The stereotype of woman leans more towards the belief that women are impeccable students; this involve sitting in place quietly, following directions, and finishing their homework. While for men, their stereotype inclines towards activities involving physical labor and not following orders. (Thompson).
Richard Whitmire and Susan McGee Bailey wrote "Gender Gap.” In this article, the factors that are responsible for the higher percentage of women graduating from college, in comparison to men, are addressed. When that level of achievement is broken out by gender, men are performing worse. They go and graduated from college at lower rates. Let's take as an example Minnesota. The (St. Paul) Pioneer Press recently published an article on gender gaps. As of fall 2007, degrees earned are as follows: bachelor's-58% female; master’s- 69% female; PhD- 53% female. Nationally, 58 percent of bachelor’s degrees were pursued by women while 62 percent of those earning associate's degrees were also female (Whitmire and McGee Bailey 56). However, this articles does not mention the type of majors that women acquired.
This is evident in higher education when women declare their prospective major. For the most part, the dominant majors pursued by women are within the education, nursing, and psychology fields. Also, “we know that on the whole, women make as much as 12% less than men even 10 years out of college.”
“But it stands to reason that in fields traditionally dominated by women (nursing, teaching, social work—think any role...

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