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Female and minority students are underrepresented in upper level science, technology, engineering, and math courses in high schools. Data collected from a freshman class survey and subsequent follow up discussions revealed that interventions can positively impact motivation and interest in STEM subjects and postsecondary goals. Online activities such as developing student profiles, completing interest inventories, and career searches foster understanding of personal strengths. Partnering with the local college heightened enthusiasm and helped bridge connections with all students. Through these efforts, students in a low socioeconomic school setting were encouraged to believe in themselves ...view middle of the document...

As a Hispanic woman in a STEM career, Ms. Jaramillo speaker drew on her experiences such as struggling in a remedial math course in college. An engaging and humorous PowerPoint and hands-on activities like building a bridge out of pennies generated excitement and appealed to reluctant students. Ms. Jaramillo touched on the idea that female Hispanic students were “double minorities” and are being sought after by industry. Students were enthused about the visit and expressed that they looked forward to continued work and discussions about these careers.
To be able to advance students along STEM career tracks, we must have accurate information and specific timelines for coursework. College in Colorado provides an exhaustive database of career clusters, skills needed, and training required for STEM fields. Students can search programs both in and out of state as they begin to build their portfolios and resumes. Freshmen reported that this process was very helpful to them as they consider what they might wish to do after high school.
According to a US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights study, in 2008-2009, only 31% of STEM degrees and certificates in the US were earned by women. This figure mirrors other reports that show disparity in upper-level science courses such as advanced physics where women are underrepresented. Much can be...

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