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Gender Essay, A Female Writing In The Perspective Of A Male. (Personal/Creative Essay)

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“So here we have a standard derivative…”My mathteacher’s monotonous voice droned on and on, putting me in a zombie-like stupor. It was last block on Friday, and the stuffy room combined with the sheer dullness of the material we were covering had managed, as always, to weigh down my eyelids like a ton of bricks. As I struggled to keep my head lifted, I glanced around the room at the other students. Except for the few overachievers who had somehow mastered the art of functioning without sleep, everyone felt the same as I did; tired, listless, and bored out of their minds.After struggling with my eyelids for a few minutes, I finally allowed them to settle at half-mast; neither asleep nor awake. I knew how I must look to the teacher—legs sprawled, one hand twirling a pencil and the other hanging limply off the edge of my desk—but I didn’t really care. Screw this, I’ll figure out this derivative stuff later. I mean, how hard could it be?The teacher continued to ramble on. I fixed my eyes on the clock, focusing and re-focusing my drowsy vision until I could distinguish the time. It was 2:15, only 10 more minutes before the last bell. The clock then faded away as my eyes glazed over and I began to plan out my Friday night. Maybe I’ll crash at Brent’s. Or John’s, even thought I went there yesterday…Suddenly, a soft tap between my shoulder blades startled me out of my reverie.I whipped around to see Sherrie, the eighth wonder of the world. Sherrie herself was nothing special, but the fact that her petite structure could possess and support such a large chest was beyond anyone’s understanding. In fact, at that moment I found it difficult to focus on anything else.“Hey Gabe, could you, um, help me with this problem? I have, like, no idea how to do it,” she trilled in a piercing voice, pointing to a bunch of foreign symbols in her book.Silence. Seriously, though; how has her spine managed to last so long? Those massive things should’ve snapped it in half by now…“Uh, Gabe? Hello-o…?”The twin eighth wonders shifted. I blinked, finally looking up at Sherrie.“Sorry,” I said, rumpling my hair, “I’m a little out of it right now. Math class does that to me.”Sherrie grinned hugely, green eyes twinkling as she twirled a lock of sleek blonde hair in her perfectly manicured fingers.“Oh my God, me too! I, like, don’t understand anything the teacher’s talking about. It’s like, really annoying. Like, do you know how to do these problems? I don’t get them at all!”“Nope, sorry. Haven’t paid attention in this class since…well, forever,” I shrugged. God, her voice was loud.“Oh okay, ha-ha,” Sherrie giggled, a little too loudly because a few nearby classmates turned to look at us—including the teacher.“Sherrie and Gabe, is there anything you’d like to share with the class?”...

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